How to Renovate Your Basement to Build a Man Cave

It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone needs a little personal space from time to time. For some women, they might have a reading room, a sewing or crafts room, or heck maybe they use the kitchen as a way to have some quiet time, try new recipes, or just cook to let off some steam. Men are a little different, though, usually when a guy needs some quiet time he will go into the garage and fiddle around with the car or another automobile, but what if you aren’t that type of guy? Or what if you don’t have a garage? Another option to think about is a man cave. A man cave is a space dedicated to those things you hold near and dear to your heart. Maybe you’re a video game guy, maybe you like to invite your guy friends over and watch the game, or perhaps you like to have whiskey and cigars. No matter what you like, a man cave is going to be a superb option for your home. This is usually a room that is basement-dedicated. Below, we will be talking about the 2 types of man caves and some basic must haves for the man cave.

2 Types Of Caves

Popular Utica vendor not allowed back to the Utica Boilermaker

The Utica Boilermaker is an awesome event, no doubt about it. It is a time when friends,
family and food come together as one in Utica New York to celebrate the country's biggest and best 15k race. There
are events leading up to the the Boilermaker every year, which makes it a fun and exciting time to be from CNY.
You have training runs, pasta dinners, gatherings at Cavallo's for wings and Saranac beers and many other
local get together's held by the families who make Utica so great. If you are going to be in Utica for one weekend,
this one is it.

Have you tried the local food?

It is a must! We found a Facebook page called Utica food is better than your city's food, which highlights some of Utica's best food.
You have tomato pie, halfmoons, greens, chicken riggies and many more dishes you can't find anywhere else.

While on the Facebook page Utica food is better than your city's food last year, we saw a post by a popular
local company called Utica Shirts or
They were promoting that they would be at the Utica Boilermaker expo last year. I
went and bought some of the best t-shirts I have ever owned. I got their signature
shirt "Our city's food is better than yours" and a "Utica Home" shirt. They are
excellent quality and look awesome!

I was excited to get some more this year only to see a post from Utica Shirts
saying that they wouldn't be allowed back to the Boilermaker Expo. What gives? We
aren't really sure as they wouldn't elaborate why. They did say however that they
were trying to find a local place to sell their shirts at. We sure hope so.

Alternative sports activities in the New York area

Alternative sports activities in the New York area

When we think of sports in the United States, we too often just think of the big three; football, baseball and basketball. But of course there's so much more to sports activities, whether we just want to watch a game or take part and improve our physical fitness into the bargain. If you live in the New York area then as you'd imagine you're spoilt for choice. Here are just a few of the possibilities open to alternative-minded sports fans in the Big Apple and beyond.

Get wet

There are a wide variety of water sports activities available both in New York City and upstate. The Hudson River is great for kayaking, canoeing and rafting, and there are a wide variety of clubs dedicated to these activities. Whether you want a true white water activity or something a little more sedate and suitable for all ages and experience levels, New York's rivers offer something for everyone.

Upstate, the St Lawrence River with its sunken shipwrecks is renowned for scuba diving, and New York State's many national parks have so many amazing fishing spots it's hard to know where to begin. In the city itself there are several sailing schools that will take you upriver or out on the Atlantic, with no prior experience necessary. You can also learn to surf on Rockaway or Long Beach, while hanging ten with all the cool dudes and dudettes and admiring the fit bods this activity has given them.

Snow business

New York State is one of the best regions in the US for skiing and other winter sports. Whiteface Mountain, one of the highest peaks of the Adirondack range, hosted the 1980 Winter Olympics and has over 288 acres of skiable terrain. The Catskills are also only a few hours' drive from NYC and offer a more family friendly skiing experience, with a wealth of history and many luxury resorts to make a full holiday of your skiing adventure.

Tips for affording tickets to see your favorite sports team play

Tips for Affording Tickets to See Your Favorite Sports Team Play

We all love sports and we all want to see our favorite teams play when they’re in town. Unfortunately, the cost of seeing the best teams do their thing seems to be going up and up,

and there’s going to be no end to that in the future. It has left many people being unable to see their favorite teams at all. We’re going to leave you with some smart tips for how to afford tickets to see your favorite sports team play.

Pay for Your Other Expenses with Help

The chances are a lot of your money is going towards other things. Give yourself some breathing space by taking out home improvement loans. These will help you deal with the expenses you can’t ignore, whilst freeing up some of your cash in the short-term for seeing your favorite sports teams.

Always Buy Official

There are two types of official ticket seller. First of all, you have the team ticket office. This is the standard price you can expect to pay. There are also many local websites where fans with spare tickets can sell to other fans to make some of their money back. Typically, buying a ticket second-hand is much cheaper. It’s hit and miss and the chances are
you won’t get tickets to the big games of the year by going through with this option. But never buy from unofficial sources.

1. You don’t know who these people are and you don’t know whether the tickets they’re selling are real.

2. You’ll nearly always have to pay a premium. It will be far more expensive to buy from these pushers.

Budget for It

You’ve got practically the same number of games every year and there is rarely any major hike in prices. You already know roughly how much it will cost you to see your favorite

Fight breaks out at wine shop between Yankee and Red Sox fan

The holidays are approaching and people are getting into the spirit. At a local wine shop in Albany NY, tempers were beginning to flare between one Yankees and Red Sox fan.

Joey Daniels of Albany NY was strolling in to pick up a bottle of red for a Christmas party he was attending. That's when things started to happen.

"I's go into the wine shop to pick up a bottle and bam! I see a Yankees bottle of wine that was priced $10 more than every other bottle and I am sure it didn't taste any better. I just had to have it." recalls Joey

Joey was reaching out to grab the wine when he heard a voice yell his way.

"Hey sissy Yankees fan." said Brooks Arthur a guy from Massachusetts who was peaking out from a bunch of wine cases. "If you want a real bottle of overpriced wine, you need to buy a Red Sox bottle."

That's when things started to escalate.

Joey recounts what happened next. "I turned to him and told him I would shove the Red Sox bottle up his a$$. He may have just been joking with me, but I didn't want to take that chance. He didn't like that too much."

At this point Brooks was trying to defend himself and the honor that was that sticker that was applied to the bottle of red wine.

"I had to stick up for my team. It was well worth fighting, possible getting arrested, losing my girlfriend and my job." added Brooks

And that is exactly what happened. Punches were thrown, bottles broke, people yelled, it was mayhem.

Both were cuffed and taken out where charges followed.

Not a great day for two competitive fans.

Grab a Flight from NYC to One of These Warm Winter Destinations

New York City is an amazing place to be throughout the whole year, but the winters can definitely be

brutal and leave you wishing you were anywhere else in the world where the weather was warm

and comfortable. Thankfully, there are many warm winter destinations that you can head out to

when the harsh NYC winters hit, and some of them are listed below.


One of the most beautiful island chains on the planet is Hawaii, offering plenty of opportunities for

fun in the sun at any time of year, thanks to its tropical climate. When the winter blues are getting

you down, hop on a flight and find yourself in paradise in just a few hours. One of the most popular

places to stay is the island of Kauai because it is less hectic than the Big Island and Oahu. With

gorgeous beaches like Poipu Beach and stellar accommodations like those at Koloa Landing at Poipu,

you will have the winter trip of a lifetime no matter what your budget is.

St. Croix

St. Croix is a U.S. Virgin Island in the Caribbean, and it is also one of the prime winter vacation

destinations for those who are on a budget. The island offers plenty of affordable, fun activities,

thanks to the varied landscape. For example, you can check out the many historical sites or

museums, head out for a hike in the rainforest or a mountain, and go snorkeling or diving in the

marine sanctuary.


If you do not feel like leaving the mainland, you can be in Florida in a couple of hours and find

yourself in summertime temperatures in no time. With so many different areas to explore, from the

Everglades to the beaches of Sanibel Island, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and the Florida Keys, you

New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays Begin Four-Game Tilt for AL East Supremacy

New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays Begin Four-Game Tilt for AL East Supremacy

It’s a touch early in September to call tomorrow’s beginning to a four-game series between the New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays the one that decides the American League East division title, but a sweep—or either three games to one takeaway—in either direction can make the picture clearer.

The Blue Jays currently have a one-and-a-half game lead on the Yankees in the division with a series finale game against the Boston Red Sox tonight while New York has a series finale game against the Baltimore Orioles. Then, for the next four days from September 10th through September 13th, the four-game set at Yankees Stadium will give the Bronx Bombers their best shot to overtake one of the hottest teams in baseball.

Toronto has been a juggernaut since a couple of trade deadline acquisitions that has placed them amongst some of the favorites to reach the World Series. The division title would allow either team to play a full series in the playoffs, while the consolation prize is a one-game Wild Card round playoff where anything can happen.

The cheapest Yankees tickets through on the Yankees website can be found for as low as $20 for four of the most important games of the season. On the secondary market, the four-game average is $84.42 according to The most expensive of the four games on the secondary market is on September 12th with an average ticket price of $91.34, and on the other side of the equation, the least expensive game is on September 10th with an average ticket price of $75.60.

Posada and Pettitte Ceremonies Highlight Upcoming Yankees Series With Indians

Posada and Pettitte Ceremonies Highlight Upcoming Yankees Series With Indians

The Indians dealt the Yankees a crushing blow last week when the two clubs met in Cleveland for a three-game set. While the Bronx Bombers were able to salvage the final game of the series to avoid a sweep, the series loss at the hands of the underachieving Tribe knocked them out of first-place in the AL East, allowing the surging Toronto Blue Jays to assume division supremacy at the time.

The Yankees have since regained control of first-place, albeit by one game, but with Toronto still right on their back, it won’t be easy to fend them off the rest of the way. As a result, if they are unable to retain their lead over the rest of the pack, the Yankees will have to squeak into the postseason with a Wild Card berth, and considering how many AL teams are still in the hunt, it certainly won’t be an easy task.

In any event, New York will have an immediate opportunity to avenge their series loss to the Indians when they hook up with them once again starting on Thursday, with primary tickets starting at $20 for each game of the series. This time, however, it will be at Yankee Stadium, and with a 34-21 home record, the Yankees are a good bet to get the last laugh in this four-game series. At the same time, with the Indians desperately clinging onto their own playoff lives, the Yankees could also potentially put a dagger into their season, while making up some ground in their own quest for the postseason.

First Sharknado now sharks in baseball?

As the weather continues to get warmer, more and more sharks have been seen at grocery stores, music festivals, and swimming near the shores of places where people swim and vacation.

"I didn't plan on seeing Jaws in the water." said Eric Fins who crapped his pants while vacationing in Cape Cod. "I just hoped that sharks weren't attracted to my poop. They wasn't and I am hear to tell the tale."

We are now learning that fisherman Hank JellyFish, who has been trying to learn if Great Whites suffer from depression for some dumb reason, is trying to warn the public about the possibility that a shark could end up at a baseball game. Are theee even odds for something like that? You can see baseball odds
at top online sports book.

"I waste a lot of time and money trying to figure out meaningless stuff about sharks. You've heard people say that anything is possible right? That is all I am saying." he said.

"Have you seen the pictures on Yahoo of that shark in shallow water? Do you think he can't end up walking into a stadium? I think that Gardner would be just as shocked if he saw a dorsal fin go by on the field. I am just saying, it could happen and we should be ready." he added.

Barnacles, who smells of rotten fish, never considered the possibility that sharks don't go on land and probably couldn't fit through the turnstiles, but he said he will stop at nothing to make sure his message gets to MLB.

"We have to prevent the next attack, even if it is at a stadium near you." he concluded

Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles Provides Most Affordable Options For Weekend Series With Seattle Mariners

As the All-Star Game festivities have taken place in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Great American Ball Park, the New York Yankees sit atop the standings in the American League East division by 3.5 games ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays. The Baltimore Orioles are right behind them at 4 games back, with the Toronto Blue Jays also trailing closely by 4.5 games. And now, the never-say-die Boston Red Sox, who were once much farther behind the rest of the pack not too long ago, currently sit a manageable 6.5 games out with plenty of season remaining.

Before the Yankees start the second half of the season, first baseman Mark Teixeira, relief pitcher Dellin Betances and outfielder Brett Gardner were selected to participate in Tuesday night’s All-Star Game. Betances attained his spot on the roster as the Yankees’ original lone selection, while Teixeira and Gardner were later installed as injury replacements.

New York returns to the baseball diamond for a weekend series against the up-and-down Seattle Mariners when the second half of the season begins on Friday. The three-game set runs from July 17-19, and according to, the average ticket price for the three games on the secondary market is $82.34. Although many customers think looking for Yankees tickets on the secondary market is the most affordable route, has favorable pricing for almost all sections throughout this weekend’s games.

For Friday’s series opener, has 300-level seats that are cheaper in comparison with any other seller. For instance, a seat in Sec. 329, Row 2 costs $48 on when the same seat cost $56 on the secondary market. This is especially true for the middle game on Saturday, when better pricing can be found on for all four sections:

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