Ozzie Guillen weighs in on A-Rod via Twitter. Blames Madonna

Dog days of August. .

First, for those who are more than casually interested - Chris Johnson has stated that he feels Roger Maris has the legitimate HR record of 61. (And it is still the AL record, officially!)
While that might seem to be a nice homage to Roger, it is also Davis' way of NOT having to compete with the Bonds record of 73. Aha! By talking this way, Davis is trying to suggest that his numbers are totally honest and without PEDs;  but without testing positive for them, A-Rod is all but convicted of using PEDs from this lab in Florida! So the cloud of suspicion will linger in many minds (certainly mine) until there is definitive HGH testing and blood doping tests (Lance's "tour de Force"), and maybe even bat x-rays!

But back to 61 homers for a moment. On Friday night 8/2, Davis hit #40 - on the same date in 1961, Roger Maris had ... 40 also. (I'm using dates now, not game numbers, and Roger's last game was 10/1/61. Davis is last scheduled to play on 9/29.   

Roger had hit #40 on 7/25/61, but went into a doldrum; but tomorrow's date 8/4, Roger will hit #41 and then in a six day period, the second week of August, Roger will explode for SEVEN homers in six days! So Mr. Davis must get hot to stay on his pace!


Next item - Tiger back strongly, carding a 61 (see the connection?) on Friday 8/2. But after he had 14 majors, it was discovered he also had 14 extra-marital blonds on the side - so if I were his significant other, I might not exactly be rooting for him at the PGA (Pretty Girls of America?), coming up soon (no pun intended).


There is no truth to the rumor that a certain person tried to change his (now) infamous internet moniker from Carlos Danger to A-Wad. Ron Jeremy already supposedly has that!


Fan: A-Rod should have just done it naturally like me

Burt Puggs of Queens NY has a message for A-Rod.

"You should have done it naturally like me." he said as he flexed his arms.

Burt just won a contest in his local gym, which is located in his parent's garage. He tells us about all of the hard work he put in to get where he is today.

"See these Bi's? What about these Tri's? You don't get these overnight. And you certainly don't get this trophy overnight either."

Actually Burt did get the trophy overnight. He has a Prime Amazon account and they sent it to him overnight. He gave himself the trophy after doing 30 pushups over the course of 3 days.

"I like the way I look and it is all natural." he added. "I use olive oil to make my muscles stand out. Ain't they huge?"

With A-Rod's supsension looming, how long will he get? Some say for life. Others say for eternity. We will have to wait and see.

Does it all comes down to these road games?

Eight games, two in LA, three in SD, and three in Chicago (South side) are possibly the final gasp if the Yankees don't put together some form of rally in the standings.

The Yankees can reach those LA seats, but can they hit LA's pitching? We'll find out.

SD - the Yanks almost need a sweep here. Ditto with the Chisox.

They haven't gained on either Boston or Tampa Bay in the last week and Baltimore owns the remaining wild card, right now.

Wells wisely made a deal to Give Soriano his uniform number - it might just be a few weeks before he gets * DFA (Designated for Assignment, like Jason Bay, this week).

A- Rod's lawyers have warned MLB that he will appeal, thus giving himself the opportunity to prove he is healthy enough to play in 2013, even if it costs the Yankees millions. The only way I can see this not happening is that dirty word: collusion!

MLB is alleged to have indicated that if A-Rod appeals, then the penalty will be extra, which seems to patently violate the law - for once A-rod's lawyers are convinced he has demonstrated an ability to play (and keep his salary on point), then (like any pending appeal by any MLB player) drop the appeal and demand the original punishment. This happens all the time regarding suspensions - in legalese, it's called PRECEDENT!

But that crap aside, I would like to be a fly on the wall by tomorrow's deadline, or is it tonight's?

Sadly, if Derek can play, Nunez becomes a cheerleader - but if you can make a trade and GET value, it might require giving up Nunni to get the deal done.

Papelbon has already started to alienate Phila ownership, supposedly saying "This isn't the Phillies team to which he signed on to play". (Is he trying to make himself available to vie for Mariano's job? He is too late and a season early. The Yanks would rather go with Robertson at a 2014 discount than pay anyone anything appreciable - we all know why!)

Fan thrilled with Soriano's return, wants Brosius back too

The Yankees re-aquired long time fan favorite Alfonso Soriano and he delivered Sunday going 4/5 with a hr and 3 rbi's.

Yankees fan Chad Zumbanto is hoping for more old time Yankees to be brought back.

"Lets see if Cashman can get creative and get some other true Yankees back. I'm sick of the free agents like Tex and CC. Lets get Scott Brosius back. Hell he's clutch and probably still younger than half the guys we have here."

Brosius is remembered for being a part of the Yankees dominant teams in the late 90's but he hasn't played since 2001.

"Hey, for the right price, anyone will play. We traded Soriano for A-Rod once upon a time and look what happened. We've stunk ever since. I still have a Brosius jersey you know."

We didn't know.

"Well I do. And while we're at it let's demolish this stupid, expensive new stadium and bring back the original Yankee Stadium. We've stunk ever since that got changed too."

Can Soriano help the Yankees get back in the race?

One of Matsui's biggest fans honors him on his special day

After a long absence, MatsuiFan returned to pay his respects to Hideki Matsui on his special day.

Fans everywhere were glad to see he came back to the stadium.

Matsui will be known as one of the great and well liked Yankees.

Braun gone, A-Rod is next

Ryan Braun has been suspended for the season and A-Rod is next.

With the potential of a lifetime ban looming, rumors are A-Rod may take a deal to sit out the rest of this year and all of next, meaning a return in 2015 when he's 40 and still under contract with the Yankees.

Stay tuned...

Royal baby named, only 3 Idiots care

Finally the Earth can move again

Fan suggests Yankees bring Colonel Sanders on as a mascot

With KFC removing the iconic Colonel Sanders from their branding, one Yankees fan is all for the Bombers taking a chance with the legendary character.

Sammy "Fried Chicken Fool" Vanchez eats KFC for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He is obsessed with it and says the Colonel would be a perfect fit in New York.

"I eat the stuff every meal, every day." Sammy said. "They aren't even open for breakfast so I do a double order at dinner and refrigerate the leftovers. No brainer there."

KFC thinks by re-branding they can trick people into thinking their fried garbage is healthy. Colonel Sanders has been with them since 1930 when he founded KFC.

"Now they put him out to pasture like an old dog." Sammy went on. "Its sad. I want the Yankees, who are mascot-less by the way, to bring the Colonel in for a try."

The Yankees may consider. Sanders was born in 1890 so that would continue the Yankees trend of hiring, trading for, and signing expensive old men.

Fan welcomes Alfonso Soriano by making an idiotic face

This guy shows how much he likes Alfonso Soriano, but making a face that looks like he has a load in his pants.

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