Fly on the Wall...

Tampa Bay locker room earlier on Sunday:

"Listen guys, we don't give a rat's tail about Cleveland or Baltimore, right now! We need to bury these Yankees while we can, before they realize that "not" throwing high & tight would curtail all the homers several of us in the A.L. have been using to feast upon them.

Longoria here has homered six times off them, and against six different pitchers, including Mariano, this season. I'm sure Chris Davis in Baltimore and that Klingon Cabrera in Detroit have also feasted because they knew the Yankees would pitch them low instead of high & tight.

So we must bury them ourselves, end their season, and let Detroit take care of Cleveland. Ironically, the Yankees will help us vs Baltimore.

This kid Nova can pitch anywhere from nearly untouchable to being relieved in the 5th, but if he is beating us low, let's hit them at Nunez, who hasn't fielded ten in a row cleanly, all year! Overbay is also over-rated on D at first base, so there are two avenues to exploit.

As the game gets late, our bullpen is a good match with theirs, no problems there, and we have the hammer.

All we need to do is stay out of double plays and we should sweep them right out of Florida!"


The Yankees, as if they needed this, will finally lose to Toronto, in Toronto next week. That's just by the laws of averages.

How they can possibly recover is anybody's guess, but it will almost certainly require folds from two other teams, and Tampa Bay has served notice that they will not be one of them!

So how is the Home Run race doing? As of 8/25...
Maris 50, Mantle 46, Davis 46 so far ...


Back to tragic number?

Tampa Bay, at Sunday's beginning of play, is now in FIRST PLACE! Boston is percentage points behind, though in a virtual tie.

MLB Teams Who Could Sneak Into The Playoffs

We're getting to that point in the MLB season at which it becomes appropriate to start looking at the playoff picture. Of course, diehard fans keep an eye on the pennant races all year, but that's a separate ballgame, so to speak. By now, the division standings (in some cases) are starting to solidify, and we're getting a clear picture of at least a few teams who seem playoff-bound barring total collapse or disaster.

Specifically, as of August 21, the Dodgers and Braves look like absolute locks for the playoffs, and it's extremely hard to imagine the Pirates or Tigers stumbling to the point that they don't even receive wildcard berths. Perhaps, then, it's no surprise that the Betfair Gambling Exchange gambling exchange lists the Dodgers, Braves and Tigers with the best odds of winning the 2013 World Series. The simple fact is, these three are runaway favorites at the moment. But this is baseball, and in baseball anything can happen. So, in that spirt, here's a look at 4 teams who could storm back into contention and factor into the playoffs.

Oakland Athletics
The A's are already a team strongly positioned to contend, hovering around 20 games over .500 and boasting one of the best pitching staffs in the American League. But the reason this team will make the playoffs is simple: 20 of its final 23 games will be against teams with sub-.500 records. That's the virtue of playing in this year's AL West, and it looks like a playoff spot will be the Athletics' to lose.

New York Yankees

Man fighting $25 parking ticket thinks A-Rod shouldn't fight 211 game suspension

Chuckles McGee just got a parking ticket for parking on a sidewalk. He is pissed.

"I didn't feel like reading the signs and look what happens. Why am I at fault for that? So dumb. There is no way I am losing $25."

When asked what he thought about A-Rod possibly losing millions he gave his opinion.

"The guy should just accept it. He did something wrong and won't own up to it. He didn't pay attention to the rules and should live with the consequences."

We didn't want to explain the similarities to McGee, because he just wouldn't get it.

I wonder how both of their situations will turn out.

MLB suspends Dempster only to find out it isn't really a suspension


List of events.

Dempster hit Arod intentionally.
Umpires leave Dempster in the game, but warn both teams
Joe Girardi gets tossed out
MLB later realizes that they look dumb and fine Dempster $2,500 and gives him a 5 game suspension.
MLB gives Girardi a $5,000 fine
MLB ends up looking dumb again because the 5 game suspension of Dempster doesn't make any sense, seeing he won't miss a start.

Therefore, Dempster gets a suspension, but it isn't really.

Makes no sense and tells the league. "Go ahead and hit A-Rod, we don't care"

Can the Yankees scare that many teams?

Ten days ago, in my article (It's Stretch Time) I mentioned how many long odds occurrences must come to pass for the Yankees to salvage just the second wild card - it is reprinted below:

[With that in mind, here is the easiest scenario for us: Tampa suddenly only plays .500 ball the rest of the way, and other teams do not take advantage, meaning they also falter, a very long odds possibility.
But if Tampa plays .500 ball, they will finish 89-73. It's doubtful that 89-73 will win any wild cards, but it's the best case scenario. Then, the Yankees will need to go 29-17, possible with the rejuvenated lineup, but of course, it puts a lot of pressure on the pitching staff. They don't score for Kuroda, CC needs to rebound, as does Andy Pettitte, both of whom are clearly laboring. We must rely on Nova to keep his rejuvenation intact. We must rely on Cano to get out of his mega slump, and for neither catcher to get hurt.]

Amazingly, EVERYONE that the Yankees needed to lose while they got hot has done exactly that!

Except Cleveland, but Cleveland is only one game ahead of the Yankees (right now), so it doesn't really matter yet. Oh, and Tampa Bay, but Tampa Bay hosts the Yankees for three games, starting Friday night - so by Monday, the Yankees bubble could be burst, or fear can overrun the rest of the league.

Soriano has spurred the latest Yankee spurt, and with his abysmal .295 OBA (.788 OPS), his two run HR vs Toronto were his first RBI since that improbable 18 RBI streak. But desire and motivation are viable factors in this chase for redemption.

Sadly also, the Yankees lost Nix for the remainder of the season. Pettitte has his first well rested test today vs Toronto, then on to Tampa Bay's bigger test.

Fan looks scared as girl next to him isn't phased by Ichiro catch near the wall

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Play Something Dancy - Book Review - Highly Recommend

Book Title:"Play Something Dancy"
Where can you get it: Here
Do you recommend it? YES

A hilarious book was recently brought to the attention of the Bronx Goblin writers. At first thought, we thought how funny could this be? Then we read the reviews of a ton of others who read it and decided to give it a go.

We read it.... AND... we laughed.

We highly recommend looking into it if you like comedic style writing.

About the book:

Los Angeles-based comedian, radio DJ, and host of the Sick and Wrong Podcast, Dee Simon has written a collection of comical and gut-wrenching personal essays about his experience as a strip club DJ in San Francisco in the early 2000s. Most of the stories in the book concern sex, drugs, venereal disease, and diarrhea or a combination thereof. Therefore, if you lack a sense of humor or are easily offended, you should probably put this one down.Hilarious depiction of what goes on “behind the black velvet curtains” at a gentlemen’s club from the perspective of the guy upstairs with the cheesy voice spinning Def Leppard songs.

It was very refreshing to find new talent out there.

Gatorade enthusiast: Dumping Gatorade on Nix last night was a complete waste of some good drink

Meet Barton Fellows.

He likes drinking sugary drinks even though he has diabetes and doesn't mind letting tax payers front the bill for his health insurance.

When he saw the Yankees win last night he was excited. When he saw Gardner pour Gatorade on Jayson Nix, he immediately got upset.

"What a freaking waste. That is some good Gatorade. Why does he have to pour it on to the ground. America is so wasteful." added Fellows who uses styrofoam cups all day long.

Whatever the case may be, the Yankees won two games yesterday.

They needed it.

Dumpster not happy being mistaken for Dempster

A couple of days after A-Rod was hit by Ryan Dempster, Eric (a dumpster) started receiving death threats on Twitter.

"I am sitting here minding my own business, tweeting away like a loser, when I get a tweet from some Yankees fan telling me he wants to kick my ass. I'm a freaking dumpster for crying out loud. Don't he know that?"

But the tweeter didn't know that. He thought he was tweeting Dempster and sent a tweet to the wrong person.

"I'm so pissed right now, I could just throw up a bag of garbage. I don't need this. I'm a freaking dumpster for crying out loud. Don't he know that?"

And the tweeter didn't know that. He kept tweeting.

"He tells me that he is going to throw a ball at me. I don't need this. I'm a freaking dumpster for crying out loud. Don't he know that?"

Long story short, the tweeter finally realized it wasn't Dempster and he apologized to the Dumpster who didn't need it.

"Selig'ed With a Kiss"?

As reported here in the last week or so (and virtually nowhere else), the entire A-Rod/Bud Selig drama hinges on the unequal punishment the commissioner has tried to mete out to Alex with the ugly Biogenesis scandal.

Pretend you're a black man in a society that screws black men. You're in court. White guy gets nailed for possession and gets a suspended sentence, second one is a repeat offender and gets six months, third one is nailed for possession with intent to distribute and gets two years. You are up for your first time offense and get 40 to life! Nuff said?

The head of the now defunct clinic has virtually ZERO credibility as a witness - it's like Howie Spira II.

Did you know that, according to the Miami Herald, this clinic was also allegedly selling their "poison" to high school athletes in private schools? HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETES! He would throw anyone under the bus to avoid a maximum punishment.

Bud Selig could have given A-Rod the same 50 game suspension he gave most others, and then worked the other conspiracy charges into a "good of baseball" argument, but no1 He has overplayed his hand, much the same as a gambler who goes all-in with not that great a hand, hoping the bluff makes everyone else fold.

But he left A-Rod no room for compromise, especially after his camp mentioned how such a long suspension helps the Yankees get under the 2014 salary cap they have personally set. (No less than Buck Showalter has voiced his opinion that Alex being suspended for all of 2014 plays right into Yankees' management hands, and he fears that they will almost certainly steal away his catcher in 2015 or 16.)

Now comes Ryan Dempster (Ryan dipstick?), who thinks he's Damocles, and Brian O'Nora (an Irishman in Boston?) who doesn't punish the Boston player. Way to play is safe there Brian!

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