Chuck Knoblauch really let himself go

Cervelli explains why he took steroids and no one cares

Sounds a like someone scripted this though..

"I felt so many times in my career a little scared I'm going to lose my job," Cervelli said. "Every year I have to go to spring training and fight for a job."

"Sometimes you listen to people who have nothing to lose; that's dangerous," Cervelli said. "When you're desperate or anxious or scared, that's when you have to step back, slow down and think about what can happen in the future with your actions in the present."

"I talked to all the kids here in the rookie league," Cervelli said. "Just be careful with your circle and the people around you, especially the people that have nothing to lose, because they don't care if you fail or are a success. I'm not going to tell anybody what they have to do, what decisions they have to make. Prevent a little bit about when you're desperate, anxious or whatever, what bad decisions you can make, so just be careful. Just listen to your heart and listen to good people."

Yankees give Girardi 4 year deal that helps pay for his braces

Word is that the deal is worth 16 million for 4 years.

Good for Joe. Good for the Yankees.

Let's sign some more players because we need them!

Buy New York Yankees tickets

Cano asks for kitchen sink

Fan: I believe the Yankees will still win division

Jimmy Crackers has been following the Yankees very closely this year. He calculates every magic number, checks out match-ups and is convinced the Yankees will still win the wild card.

"I'm no fair weather fan. First of all you have to stand by your team. First of all you got to cheer on your players. First of all, you got to wear cool looking sunglasses. Know what I'm saying?"

Frankly we didn't know what he was saying, but he continued.

"The Yankees are better than the Red Sox. The Yankees are better than Boston. They are better than everyone. I heard a guy the other day say they were done. You know what I say. I say, in times like these, you got to climb up to the top of the mountain. You got to sail to the middle of the sea. You have to climb a tall tree, but be careful, you don't want to get hurt. You know what I'm saying?"

Again, Frankly we don't, but we hope that Jimmy Crackers is right.

Magician has plan to increase Yankees magic number

With the Yanks 3 games behind the Indians for the final wildcard spot, magician Andrew Abracadab says he can save the season for the Bombers.

"The Yankees magic number for elimination is dropping by the day. There are only 7 games left so we need to increase the magic number for elimination."

Sounds good.

"Presto chango ala-kazam. I want the Yankees magic number changed to 50!"

Is that it?


Nothing happened.

"The Yankees will now have some extra time. They won't be elliminated this week as expected."

You didn't do anything.

"Pick a card any card. Guess what, its the Wild-card! Yankees are going to the playoffs!"

Andrew then pulled a dove out of his hat. The dove bit him and flew away.

How will the final week play out?

Dead Men Walking

On Aug. 22nd, the last time Ichiro led off or batted second, he finished the game at .274, just a few points from my prediction that, as long as the Yankees batted him at the top of the order (1st or 2nd), he would hit .280 and be sharp for the post season.

The next night, he was stuck amongst the dregs of the order in Tampa Bay and his average has plummeted like a safe ever since then! And that's because pitchers no longer felt the need to pitch to him and he tried to force hits from pitches that he should have taken, for walks. Last year, he could survive down there because the team had a circular batting order, and often following a walk to Ichiro might come a two run homer from Russel Martin! (I only mention this because Ichiro is signed through next year, as is Wells!)

But after five months of ridiculously great pitching, and just as the hitting began to hit stride, the Yankee pitching imploded, for the most part.

And despite all that, all the Yankees needed was a small win streak of the last four games (thru. Tues.9/17); but the "spent" lineup went totally silent, like a mobster under arrest!

So they lost those last four, and all the bullcrap from the Yankee announcers can't hide the fact that instead of fighting for that second wild card, THIS team is fighting to finish over .500!

Injuries still abound! At least with Pineda, the Yankees will collect from the insurance company, small consolation that it is.

2014 looks worse, if the team tries to get under the 189 luxury tax. (There's the curse of the number 4, still hovering!)

Amazingly, if Cleveland hangs in there, they might use their "midge" army to advance to the ALDS - lol.

Man with beard thinks all he needs to join the Red Sox is his beard

When Arnold Doogsley was watching the Red Sox game the other day, he had an idea.

"You like it? My beard? I like it. It looks awesome. I played whiffle ball in gym class when I was smaller. When I noticed that the Red Sox were full of gross looking beards, I decided I wanted to try out. Here I am."

Little did Arnold know, you actually have to be good to be on a Major league baseball team.

"Say what? They have gross beards. I have a gross beard. What gives?"

We aren't sure exactly what gives, but we doubt the Red Sox will be paying attention to Arnold.

In other news, the Yankees suck right now.

Mariano Rivera writes message in Red Sox bullpen on the wall. See what it says!

Can't anybody here play this game?

In 1963, after a particularly frustrating comedy of errors led to another Mets loss, skipper Casey Stengel uttered those infamous words; "Can't anybody here play this game?"

Back on Aug. 25h, after taking two of three from the Bronx Bombers, Tampa Bay was sitting pretty ... and if they knew the Yankees were going to lose four of the next five, they might have ended things there and then!

Even finishing .500 from that point would have probably done the job - but no, Tampa went into the kind of spiraling collapses which will ensure they never get the kind of gate necessary to make that town a viable attendance draw for the foreseeable future.

Then Baltimore had their chance (no) - then Cleveland had THEIR chance (no), and with the lightest schedule, their road to gold is the widest.

But after last night's Yankee win, even with the news of Derek's season mercifully over, and with Mariano having a career high in blown saves (forgivable at 43), he still leads the league in saves and has less blown ones than the Baltimore reliever with whom he is tied, and where are the Yankees? They are tied in the win column but with two more losses in two more games played, leaving them one game behind in in the second wild card.

But the Yankees have October experience out the wazoo, and Mariano told Joe to burn out his arm if necessary because this season is IT!

So. miracle of miracles, the Yankees are back in it - and the ghost of Casey Stengel is emailing the rest of the contenders with those famous words!

But make no mistake about it - Neither Oakland nor Boston are cakewalks, and Texas at home is still dangerous!

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