Gomes rips ARod, sounds really dumb doing it

Gomes speaks. Well kind of.

"He does steroids or whatever, it sucks. He does this or that, it sucks. He's always in the news, it sucks," the Red Sox left fielder told the Boston Herald. "But this is
the players' union he's going against. It's all of us. Not a real good idea." 

"I said what I said," Gomes said. "I'm not trying to make anything or [say] it was taken out of context or all these riff raffs that people want to come up with. First of all, to have a rivalry, there has to be a villain. Why not pick the big guy with tattoos and a big beard or Mohawk and plays the game how he plays. Boom, let's pick that guy for the villain. That's pretty easy. But what did I say? I think the Yankees is one of the most professional organizations that you can get. 

"It's not talking trash. It's just questions. Are they questions? Sure. I don't think I talk trash by any means. I don't talk trash. ... I think with 10 years in the big leagues it's a little late for a character check to Jonny Gomes and try and make me into the villain that I'm not."

Idiots react to the signing of Tanaka.

Idiots react to the signing of Tanaka.

Idiot #1
"I hope he isn't the same as Kei Igawa or Irabu. That would stink. We don't need no freaking bum who eats up our money."

~Sal - Who wears Yankee everything.

Our response to Sal: Why are you only comparing Tanaka to other Japanese pitchers? Carl Pavano and Randy Johnson sucked for us too!


Idiot #2

"I am going to wear my "Got Rings" T-Shirt tomorrow at work. It's gonna be freaking awesome. There are a bunch of Red Sox fans there. I am going to go up to them and just point at the rings bitches..."

~ Luke, a complete fool who still gets heated over the Boston rivalry even though he is 49 years old.

Our response to Luke: No one cares about your "Got Rings" shirt. Stop living in the past.


Idiot #3

"Addition of Tanaka very very good. He pitch long time and very well. He restore honor to Yankee and Yankee fans."

~ Patrick O'Sullivan - Irish pub owner

Our response: Sure.

The comments will continue to roll in. What do you think of this signing?

New book from the writers of Bronx Goblin.

New book from the writers of Bronx Goblin!

"Idiots are Everywhere"

About the book:

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Will Tanaka become "mass hero"?

Yankees singing of Masahiro Tanaka blows away the "189" goal, but it also shows commitment to the fans.

Potential negatives - 
1. The teams and pitchers he faced don't equate to MLB teams and their #1 starters.
2. Japan pitchers generally pitch once per week.
3. He won't have Mariano to save his sushi (i.e. bacon).
4. Umpires have generally screwed Japanese pitchers on the corners.

Positives - 
1.Those who have seen him pitch swear he's the "real" thing!
2. In America, he would only start an additional 7 or 8 regular season games.
3. But somebody will pitch where Mariano used to pitch - it's upon what "WAR" stat is based, and it's truly unknown at this point.
4. With new MLB scrutiny (and Darvish tapes), the days of umpiring with an agenda should be over.
5. This kid just turned only 25 and he's already 99-35 with four seasons over .700 win pctge (and two more over .600).
6. No sleight of build, this guy prints out at 6'2" and 205.
7. No draft pick to lose, this is cash and carry!
8. Tanaka desperately wants to pitch for historically revered Yankees, like Matsui did.
9. Like Matsui, Tanaka wants to earn WS MVP on way to ring!

10? Next October, he won't have to worry about losing his home and/or health while Topanga Canyon or Las Flores Canyon burn under Santa Ana wind driven wildfires during the WS.

You may have heard of his 24-0 1.27 last season.
Two years earlier, he also posted 19-5 with ERA of 1.27 while striking out nearly 60 more, had most complete games and shutouts of his career in what many scouts have called his greatest season. Last year was essentially an encore.

I've watched his splitter drop and it makes me cringe to think "someone" hit that pitch, or his ERA would be 0.00.
The biggest question might be pitching with the differently sized American baseball, but his body size suggests it should not become a major problem.

Amazing, how many sportscasters cite erroneous stats to make their points

Maybe YES got tired of Mike Francesa's ego show. Certainly, it was unprofessional for him to be seen on TV disconnecting a caller then continuing to shout at them, as if they were still on the line!

Let me say again, up front - Mike is quite knowledgeable in a great many sports.

But that being said, it wouldn't hurt to admit an error, especially to a nit-picker, and let the audience decide if it was important.

Mike went out of his way to claim Maddux had the greatest ERA+ (which measures ERA vs the league standard for that year) than anyone else in history, and that it wasn't even close. I didn't hear him qualify it by starters only.

Maddux ERA+ with Atlanta only would have been best among starters, but overall, the best ERA+ among starters goes to Pedro Martinez. But the nonsense about it not even being close is with Mariano Rivera, whose MLB Record ERA+ is ridiculously far ahead of even Pedro's.

Now you're thinking - Yes, but relievers give up runs charged to previous pitchers, and with closers, it ends the game before they give up ERs of their own. That doesn't hold true with today's modern closers, especially Mariano who came in to START the inning and inherited no runners.

Am I nitpicking? Mike was in the middle of a call, yelling it like was gospel. (Mario Cuomo used the term effectively, even when BSing the public, simply by saying, "Everybody KNOWS that!")

Today on Sportscenter, I heard more of the same nonsense -  Under what stars was Mike Piazza the greatest hitting catcher in history?

Ernie Lombardi needed a double to get to first base, was clearly a better hitter than Piazza, but he DID finish one point lower in lifetime BA. But Bill Dickey didn't! Dickey batted five points higher. So much for that nonsense. Of course, Piazza combined his BA with homers, and some rumor, with PEDs, hence not enough votes. But he'll get in.

Preview of the NFC Divisional New Orleans Saints vs. Seattle Seahawks

This weekend is going to be crazy with football games. There are so many odd makers out there and people guessing what is going to happen. In the end, anything can happen.

First we have the New Orleans Saints vs. the Seattle Seahawks. The odds and favorite to win this game is.... Hmm, not quite sure, but you could review here for more great NFL betting news this season

I can't wait to see the Giants... Oh wait, that won't be happening... Well we may be able to see some Giants logo's in the Stadium when it comes time for the Super Bowl? Speaking of Super Bowl, why is the NBC Today show showing Super Bowl commercials already? Isn't that the whole point for most people to tune in to the game?

I prefer to watch FOX for recaps and to get prepped for the playoffs. Here is the site i go to. See Here They usually cover it pretty well. How about those San Francisco 49ers? Do they have what it takes to win it all this year? Still too early to tell.

Per ESPN, Payton said:

"I'd like to think hopefully with experience, and now me finishing up -- or in the middle of -- our seventh season, you hopefully trust your instincts," Payton said. "And you're always pretty critical and looking closely at things you'd do differently after games, wins or losses. And it's also paying attention to the game. I think that's really important.

"Because you may have an idea, or what you'd like to do, and then all of a sudden, you know, you're in the third quarter at Carolina and it's different, you've got a downpour. ... So a lot of things can dictate it. But I think it's [important to be] flexible."

So, what are your predictions?

Be he ever so humble, there's no one like Mariano

It's not to argue about the "greatest closer" moniker, but the NY Press and media dubbed Mariano Rivera that, several years before he retired.

When they were "on" their game, there was virtually no difference between Dan Quisenberry., Bruce Sutter, Kent Tekulvie, Sparky Lyle, Goose Gossage, and few I have failed to mention.

Then, there was another echelon entirely, with Dennis Eckersley, Trevor Hoffman, and Mariano, whose excellence lasted beyond the four or five seasons that media followers cite for continued greatness. 

Had Trevor Hoffman been a Yankee, who knows how much more Press had would have gotten? (And make no mistake about it - he WAS great! So was Eck.)

But, but ... there are no "buts" about it, all three have had World Series "blips", but Mariano's occurred after record setting numbers had already been logged!

Well, Eck was first ballot HoF with 83%, so there is an excellent barometer. And just before Mariano comes up for the vote, we will get so see Mr.Hoffman's balloting numbers (no rings but great regular season numbers).

But this year, we have another unique barometer of a kind because we Yankee fans want to see Mariano become the first ever unanimous selection - but with 355 wins in the five man rotation era, Cy Young Awards out the wazoo, miniscule ERAs (albeit in the super wide strike zone era also), they will elect Greg Maddux, and the only question among sports mavens is whether he breaks Seaver's election Pctge record 98+ %.

RIP Paul Blair- I feel strange. ..

I lost my elder brother this month - without warning - no dire symptoms - and that's probably the way it happens in many circumstances.

Last night, Yankee fans, Oriole fans, and friends lost Paul Blair (69) and it's very sad because again, there were no outward symptoms.

Blair's wife told the local paper that Blair played a round of golf with friends Thursday morning and later lost consciousness at a celebrity bowling tournament. After just two or three practice balls (at the bowling lanes), Paul sat down, feeling kind of funny... By the time EMS 
got there after he had collapsed, they claimed they never found a pulse.

Paul, who played for the O's 64-76, then won two rings as a Yankee in 77-78, was famous for playing shallow because he could outrun virtually anything hit over his head, such was his equilibrium. 
He once hit an inside-the-park homer to Tiger Stadium's dead center (fence there was 440) and in the interview after the game, a sportswriter asked if he worried that the outfielder would catch up with his drive.

He was quoted as responding, "The only guy who could possibly catch up to that drive was running the bases!" (referring to himself)

But Paul also was seriously beaned and it made him shy away from certain pitches for many years. Pitchers just don't know (or they don't care) about the damage a bean-ball does, which certainly brings to mind Tony Conigliaro from Boston or the one famous fatality when Carl Mays beaned Ray Chapman at the old Polo Grounds in 1920, killing him.

True baseball fans ought to join me in condolences to Paul's wife Gloria, and the extended family. I know the Yankees have, or are in the process of, sending something of their own.

Kids, for glove only, Paul Blair was right up there with Willie Mays for defensive CF excellence. Make no mistake about it.

67 Quotes: What the world said about Mandela during 10 days of mourning

We just read a great post by SHINBOW.com

Subject:Nelson Mandela

Check this link out:67 Quotes: What the world said about Mandela during 10 days of mourning



Q&A regarding Jacoby Ellsbury

Q: What is Jacoby Ellsbury’s new number?

A: Jacoby Ellsbury’s new number is #22 because for some reason, #2 was taken. In a coincidence,Robinson Cano‘s number with the Seattle Mariners is #22. #22 was also the former number of Roger Clemens and was the number Vernon Wells wore last season.Q: Why did Ellsbury choose 22?A: Ellsbury: ”Two is my favorite number, so why not have two of them?”

Q: What tempted Ellsbury to sign with the Yankees?

A: Ellsbury: “The tradition, the great players who have played here. The commitment to winning.”

Q: Did Ellsbury turn to anyone for advice before signing with the Yankees?

A: Ellsbury said he called Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira for their opinions about playing in New York. The both of them assured Ellsbury that he would love playing in New York and he wouldn’t regret it.

Q: Why did Brian Cashman sign Ellsbury in the first place?

A: Cashman: “He’s a dynamic player. someone who can make a difference on the offensive and defensive side.”

Q: How does Joe Girardi feel about having Ellsbury in New York?

A: Girardi: “Seems like each week my job gets a little easier. You’re no longer a thorn in my side. You’re a flower in our clubhouse.”

Q: Did Ellsbury have anything to say about his former team, the Boston Red Sox?

A: Ellsbury: ”It was seven great years. Unbelievable first part of my career.”

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