Sleazy fan wants Bills Cheerleaders in pinstripes

The Buffalo Bills have suspended their cheerleaders (the Buffalo Jills) after the girls filed lawsuits for alleged mistreatment.

Yankees fan Diego Slimeola is making a push for the Bombers to hire the Jills.

"I bring these girls into the Bronx, I can make a killing." Diego said. "They do some cheers, they pump up the crowd. We beat the Sox. Badabing badaboom, I get 50%."

50% of what?

"50% off the top, you know what I mean?"

No...thats why we asked.

"Just bring the girls in wiseguy. Leave the logistics to me."

Perhaps the Yankees will join the Rays in adding a cheerleader staff...we doubt it but will keep you posted.

It would have been less suspicious if Pineda looked like this last night

Last night was a joke.

This would have been better than what he did. What a moron.

Can you name the man who beat the Babe?

There are many heroes in the Yankees. That can only be so when a team has reached the pinnacle of their sport 27 times. No other team in any sport has achieved that kind of greatness in professional sports. The only team to beat that score in a bat and ball game is the Kilkenny hurling team who has won the championship in the Irish sport of Hurling 37 times. But they are not a professional team in that their players are not paid for their efforts.

But the Yankees are a professional sports team, in the most intense arenas of all, the city of New York. No other city has demanded, and received greatness from its sporting teams. No other city can have a claim to the number of greats as that gleaming metropolis. Even those who have gone to coach and run other teams in other cities such as Vince Lombardi, Al Davis, have become greats in their sports.

Sadly when there are so many who are lauded for their sporting endeavours, there are those who get overlooked and forgotten.

Such is the case with Roger Maris, who seems to has fallen through the cracks of memory. It is my desire to try and at lease play a small role in bringing him to the fore.

Why? That is a good question, with a simple answer. He beat the Babe.

On the last day of the 1961 season, Sunday October 1st, against the Red Sox, Maris comes to the plate. It is the bottom of the fourth, nobody is on, one out, and there is no score. This is Maris' second at bat of the game. Tracy Stallard the Boston pitcher throws a fast ball pitch, knee high, to the outside of the plate. Maris takes a swing and despatches the ball to the rightfield stands.

That faithful day saw him break a record that for many was unbreakable. Babe Ruth's single season home run tally was bettered as Maris racked up a score of 61 home runs in one season.


Did Michael Pineda have a cheeseburger on his hand last night?

Many people are wondering what the world happened last night with Michael Pineda. Some people are saying that he wiped his behind after finding out there was no toilet paper. Others are saying that he used pine tar. One other expert who is a complete fool is saying that he used a cheeseburger.

No one knows for sure, but we did talk to the guy who said he used a cheeseburger.

"I saw a cheeseburger on his hand. It was clear as day." said Corky Jones, beef enthusiast.

We didn't see that and I bet no one else did either. Meanwhile, we are surprised that the Red Sox didn't say anything during the game.

Hmm.. Are they letting it slide?

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Prospects race to win a spot on the Yankees roster

Prospects race to win a spot on the Yankees roster.

In years past, it seemed like the only way the Yankees had a chance at new talent, was to pay for it. At least for hitting that is... For pitching on the other hand, it looks as if the Yankees are building talent within and fans are excited.

"I think it is great for the game and for the universe." said one guy.

With all of the competition these days, it is hard to know how people will compete. One prospect says he practices competing by his hobby of horse betting. He says it keeps him on his toes. Others use different approaches. One pitcher likes to spin plates on poles, another likes to play Frisbee in traffic. What ever the approach, people seem to always find a new one.

Speaking of scouts, here is what a few of them had to say.
“For me, I like Phelps as a back-end reliever, not a long man,” the scout said. “I say that because he throws strikes and he’s not afraid. I like Betances, too, but I’m not sure of his ability to pitch under pressure.”

Then, the camel himself spoke about one of the players Dellen Betances.

“(Betances) is doing what he has to do to give himself an opportunity,” Girardi said Sunday.

And then back to the same scout from earlier.

“I like Burawa a lot too,” the same scout said. “He’s got a big arm but he’s struggled with his command, although not so much this spring. If he gets his command down, they could have something there as another late-inning guy.”

Spring is in the air even though a huge snowstorm is ready to whack the east coast.

Bronx Goblin remembers one of its writers Edward P. Salvesen

Bronx Goblin remembers one of its writers Edward P. Salvesen aka ZZTURK of Kearny, N.J., who passed away on Feb. 24, 2014. He was 63.

We first connected with Ed on Twitter when he would approach us with Yankees Trivia and some comical analysis. After a few exchanges, we asked if he wanted to contribute to our blog. He accepted and Yankee TidBits with ZZTurk was born.

Turk's vast Yankee knowledge, sense of humor and posts were well received within the Yankees community and his stories were very detailed.

We appreciate all that he did and hope you enjoyed his posts.

RIP Ed aka ZZTurk. Thank you

Yankees are looking to make their mark in 2014

The Yankees are getting ready for the 2014 season and are tightening up a few loose ends. First Brett Gardner. He wasn't feeling too safe a few weeks ago after the Yankees announced that they have 55 outfielders.

But with recent news, the Yankees decided to hold on to the speedster offering him a 4 year 52 million dollar contract.Some people were looking at how this may impact the Yankees odds of going far in the 2014 playoffs. But a glance at the current MLB Futures at state that the odds of that happening, are pretty low. There are no responses as of yet as to how the lines will be impacted by the recent move.

Here is what he had to say about that:

"I don't want to be anywhere else," Gardner said. "There's no better place to play baseball than in New York. I've never been anywhere else. I got drafted here almost nine years ago, and I love it here. I love everybody in the organization, the coaching staff and all my teammates, and this is where I want to be."

After hearing the news of Gardner, we feel that the Yankees are moving in the right direction. Let's see how he produces under the pressure of a good contract, or will he have less pressure knowing that he is staying put?

What about Teixeira and Jeter? What will the Yankees get out of them? Jake Salsbury says absolutely nothing.

"You can't count on them for anything. I don't expect Jeter to get a hit this year and Tex probably won't either. Then again, maybe they will get hits. You can't predict this kind of stuff. In fact, I think they will get hits." he added

It is unclear how this season will end up. There are a lot of question marks that need to fall into place.

Will they replace Cano? Is Tanaka a bust? Will Joe Giardi announce that he is of Camel decent? Who knows. This is looking to be an interesting year with some twists and turns.

Gardner agrees new Yankees deal

While the signing of Jacoby Ellsbury appeared to signal the end of Brett Gardner's days with the New York Yankees, the left-hander has agreed a new long-term deal that could keep him with the Major League franchise until 2018.

Despite not playing much throughout spring training, Gardner has seemingly done enough to convince the Yankees he is a player worth hanging onto, signing the 30-year old to a four-year contract extension worth $50 million, despite many Betfair fans tipping the nine-season veteran to leave New York at the end of his contract.

The 2009 World Series champion has a $2 million buyout clause if the Yankees decide not to exercise the option brings the total value of the deal to $52 million, and Gardner does not have a no-trade clause in the deal, although the Yankees are obligated to pay him an additional bonus of $1 million in the event they do trade him.

Gardner has admitted he never thought about leaving New York despite the arrival of Ellsbury and the Betfair odds tipping him to leave, insisting he has always seen his long-term future being with the Yankees.

"I don't want to be anywhere else. There's no better place to play baseball than in New York. I've never been anywhere else. I got drafted here almost nine years ago, and I love it here. I love everybody in the organization, the coaching staff and all my teammates, and this is where I want to be."

Ellsbury's presence on the roster is likely to result in Gardner switching to play left field and likely bat at number nine, although will still be an important part of the Yankees' hopes of challenging for the World Series this year and proving those Betfair punters who have tipped them as champions this season.

Man who bought a Yankees Cano Jersey right before he got traded wants his money back.

"Its plain and simple. Give me my money back." he said to a crowd of two people and a poster of Mariah Carey. "He was supposed to be a Yankee for life and that didn't happen. I want redemption i says... REEEEDEEMMPTTIOOOON!."

We aren't sure why the man is taking to social media with his complaint. I mean, if he has a receipt the store will probably just honor his request.

"It's the point of the matter. Cano wasn't supposed to take the extra 70 million. Instead, he was supposed to play on the Yankees. What am I gonna do with this jersey. What I asks you?."

What would add insult to injury is if Robinson Cano and his new team beating them the next time they both face off.
"Absolutely. I mean it crossed my mind a bunch of times. Why wouldn't it? It is a very valid reason. What am I supposed to do now? What am I supposed to do? Wear a Brendan Ryan jersey? I guess Jeter will play for at least another 5 years, so I can get that"

We weren't sure what to tell him, seeing that Jeter just announced his retirement. What did Jeets have to say that he wants to do after retirement?

“There are many things I want to do in business and philanthropic work, in addition to focusing more on my personal life and starting a family of my own,” he added. “And I want the ability to move at my own pace, see the world and finally have a summer vacation.”

Stay tuned to see what jersey this guy decides to get next, if the store will give back his money or if Cano will weigh in on it.

The CORE is done after this year

Think of it what you will, but Derek Jeter's announced retirement at the end of this season doesn't mean he can't play anymore. (Another .190 average might)

Derek said this should help the team going forward because they won't have any distractions about 2015. (Or, he wants to do the grand tour like his great buddy Mariano did, last year.)

I think it's a combination of things, the latter items mentioned, plus only Derek knows the true and lasting effect of his ankle injury, a type of injury which does not easily heal at his age.

His leadership skills may help him through the rough times. So unless he is far South of the "Mendoza" line, expect Jete to DH more often as the team tries out potential replacements, or trades for the next shortstop.

The closer we get to Derek's last day, if I live to see it, I will well up, having seen him during his first cup of coffee in 1995.

Then, I'm guessing, it will be time for another uniform retirement ceremony, (Since Joe Torre will be there, maybe the Yankees should spring for two retirement ceremonies.)


Non-breaking news - Tanaka either had trouble getting a smaller plane or he's ostentatious - He flew chartered here using a 787 (full size jetliner) and his entourage was no more than ten or twelve. I hope he got his ass out of town before the storm strikes. Florida, here he comes..

Today, they replayed an earlier game from last year in which Tanaka pitched. Odd that the three hits against him were all crisply struck, but he looked so hit-able I thought it was just liked Catfish Hunter!

Now if he overcomes the change in ball size ...

Of course, few mention that he will now be pitching in larger stadiums and also without astroturf. That's in his favor.


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