I hope the Yankees don't keep on sliding.

Picture of Yankees 4th Outfielder Melky Cabrera

Yankees lose 2 in a row.

Posada opts for season ending surgery. " Hip Hip Jorge everybody "

NEW YORK (AP) -- If the New York Yankees are going to earn a 14th consecutive playoff berth, they'll have to do it without Jorge Posada.

The five-time All-Star catcher will have season-ending surgery on his right shoulder, ending his attempt to return to the lineup for New York's postseason push.

Posada has struggled with shoulder pain most of the season, weakening his throws and limiting his playing time behind the plate. Sports Illustrated


The Yankees have acquired outfielder Xavier Nady and left-handed reliever Damaso Marte from the Pittsburgh Pirates in exchange for four Minor League prospects -- right-hander Ross Ohlendorf, outfielder Jose Tabata, right-hander George Kontos and lefty Phil Coke.

Nady was having his best year ever with the Pirates.
.323 AVG
51 R
13 HR
57 RBI

I've seen Nady play a bunch with all-the time he spent with the mets in 2006. He definetely displayed power and some cluth abilities. He crushes left handed pitching. But don't expect him to walk much. He can play all three outfield positions. This will help the yankees out a bunch.

"With Hideki Matsui out for the year and Jorge Posada's health this season in doubt, the Yankees' lack of depth has been exposed recently. Brett Gardner, Wilson Betemit, Richie Sexson, Shelley Duncan...all have been have been used as options and not one has worked out (though to be fair, Sexson has only had 5 ABs).

However, in Nady, the Yankees get a player that can move all over the field. He can start out at first base with Jason Giambi moving permanently to DH or shift to left field as Damon moves over to center to give the Yankees line-up a bit more potency. If there is a particularly tough lefty that Bobby Abreu can't handle, Nady could be shifted over to right field to take his place for the day."
Source: http://www.baseball-intellect.com/Articles/trade-xavier-nady-marte.html

Yankees vs. Red Sox Weekend Pitching Preview

NYY: Chamberlain (2-3, 2.52 ERA)
BOS: Beckett (9-6, 3.97 ERA)

NYY: Pettitte (11-7, 3.86 ERA)
BOS: Wakefield (6-7, 3.69 ERA)

NYY: Ponson (6-1, 4.02 ERA)
BOS: Lester (8-3, 3.20 ERA)

Goose on his way to the Hall this weekend, makes a pit stop

Mussina gets the sweep, but opts for a vacuum instead of a broom, because I got nothin

Yankees 12 Twins 4

Yankees 8 Twins 2

Yankees 5 Twins 1

Mussina continues to pitch well.

His line: 105 PC, 8 INN, 6 HA, 7 K, 0.750 WHIP, W, QS

Sunscreen allowed at the Stadium. No more fears of lotion bombs. Big step in the fight against terrorists

Sunscreen is now legal in Yankee Stadium. Finally some justice. I have been waiting for the day, in our free country, that we could apply sunscreen so we don't get burned while watching a game. It only took 7 years. That is facinating how quick they moved on allowing it back in the stadium.

Terrorists..... We are not afraid of you and your plastic bottles of SPF. We will stop at nothing to be patriotic and free our country from the suns harmful rays. We WILL continue to go about our normal lives and apply this lotion and not be scared of your cowardly attempts to thwart us. Hell, I want people to show them just how unscared we are. Start bringing it at night, in the morning, on stadium tours, to Stans bar and even to monument park.

We are proud Americans. Please que Kate Smith's God Bless America.

Who would want this guy? He is a rip off at 10 Million

(Picture Source ESPN)

The Yankees can not acquire Mariners left-hander Jarrod Washburn without his approval.

Washburn's limited no-trade protection gives him the right to veto a deal to the Yankees, according to a major-league source.

The contract provision complicates the Yankees' pursuit of Washburn, which was first reported by the Newark-Star Ledger.

Washburn, who turns 34 on Aug. 14, is owed the balance of his $9.85 million salary this season and $10.35 million next season.

Players generally require financial compensation to waive no-trade protection, usually in the form of a cash bonus or contract extension.

The Yankees almost certainly would not part with quality prospects for Washburn if they needed to absorb his contract and negotiate additional compensation with his agent, Scott Boras. The Mariners are seeking young pitching in return, according to major-league sources. (Source)

Yankees beat Twins. Cano still on fire

Yankees 12 Twins 4 (Box Score)

Sidney's Line - 5.2 INN, 9 HA, 2 BBI, 2 K, 3 ER, 4.765 ERA, 1.941 WHIP, W

Cano's Stats since the All Star Break. This is when he starts to turn it on.

Posada lands himself on the DL

NEW YORK (AP) — Jorge Posada wants to help the New York Yankees win this year, and be ready for the start of next season. He may have to choose between the two.

Posada went on the 15-day disabled list for the second time this season Monday, and the veteran catcher could be headed for season-ending surgery on his injured throwing shoulder.

"It's just really, really tough," Posada said. "Right now, I'm going through tough times."

Posada was scheduled to see New York Mets medical director Dr. David Altchek on Tuesday to have an MRI and his shoulder examined. He missed more than a month earlier this season with right rotator cuff tendinitis.

Acknowledging there's more damage in the shoulder beyond a torn labrum, Posada could miss the start of next season if he puts off the necessary surgery.

"That's the biggest thing," he said. "I don't want to miss two years. I'm already flustered with this one because I haven't been 100 percent and I've been trying to play through a lot of pain." (Source)

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