Hello Melky, um... this is the Dominican Republic.. um we need you to come home and never play baseball again. Thanks

The Yankees are starting to look unwatchable again.

Yankees lose 4-2.

Melky is awful. We would prefer Damon's girl arm over Cabrera's girly like hitting.

Surprise Hank!!!! We got you a win. Aweeee....

Yankees managed to get Hanky a win finally, but it seems as if Hank has written off this season.

Yankees win 9-6

"I'm not writing off this season," the team's co-chairman said Tuesday. "They're trying hard to win. There's only so much you can do. They're not supermen."

"I think it's very simple, we've been devastated by injuries. No team I've ever seen in baseball has been decimated like this. It would kill any team," Steinbrenner said. "Imagine the Red Sox without [Josh] Beckett and [Jon] Lester. Pitching is 70 percent of the game. Wang won 19 games two straight years. Chamberlain became the most dominating pitcher in baseball. You can't lose two guys like that."

"It's not making excuses. It's reality. That's part of the game. That's clearly our problem," Steinbrenner said.

"We're going to win it next year," he said. "If we need to add a top veteran pitcher, we'll do that. We'll do whatever we need to do. Next year we'll be extremely dangerous."

How bad is Arod in the clutch this year? Below is a comparison of 2007 and 2008

Yanks lose 4 in a row. Terrible.

Yankees vs. Twins Pitching Preview

NYY: Ponson (7-3, 4.27 ERA)
MIN: Perkins (9-3, 4.07 ERA)

NYY: Mussina (15-7, 3.27 ERA)
MIN: Blackburn (9-6, 3.60 ERA)

NYY: Rasner (5-8, 5.28 ERA)
MIN: Slowey (8-8, 4.07 ERA)

Kennedy is back and he still sucks!!!

Yankees lose 10-5 (Box Score)

Kennedy comments about his 2 inning performance.

"I'm just not real upset about it," Kennedy said. "I'm just going to move on. I've already done that."

“It’s the first bad outing I’ve had in a long time, since the All-Star break,” Kennedy said. “I’m not going to look much into it. I felt like I made some good pitches. I’m just not too upset about it.”

What? Are you kidding me?

Not only is he a jackass, but he is a jackass that can't pitch. In his short stint, it looks as if he can't pitch and can't handle the NY media. Not a good combination.

I Kennedy (L, 0-4) IP-2.0 Hits-9 Runs-5

IPK is sporting an ERA of 8.17

Yankees vs. Angels Pitching Preview

NYY: Kennedy (0-3, 7.41 ERA)
LAA: Weaver (9-9, 4.37 ERA)

NYY: Giese (1-3, 2.51 ERA)
LAA: Lackey (9-2, 3.10 ERA)

NYY: Pettitte (12-9, 4.34 ERA)
LAA: Saunders (14-5, 3.03 ERA)

Go Mussina Go Mussina... Go Go Go Go Go

Yankees win 3-0

Mussina's Line: 99 PC, 7 INN, 8 HA, BBI, 6 K, 1.286 WHIP, W, QS

Mussina (15-7) threw seven scoreless innings to shut down the highest-scoring offense in the majors. He matched Cleveland's Cliff Lee for most wins in the American League and got his fifth victory in seven starts.

"I didn't have my best stuff today," Mussina said.

Then how did he help the Yankees become just the second team this season to shut out the Rangers?

"I don't know. I just kept going with what I had."

Must be nice to be a great high school player these days. Yanks give Brett Marshall a bonus

HOUSTON -- The Yankees have signed Brett Marshall, a high school pitcher selected in the June First-Year Player Draft, to one of the largest contracts ever given to a sixth-round pick, a Houston television station reported Wednesday night.
KRIV-TV reported Marshall received a signing bonus of $850,000 plus another $200,000 to use for his college education. The Yankees also gave Marshall an incentive package worth $7,500 that he can earn as he moves through their Minor League system.

"It shows they really like me," Marshall told KRIV. "They showed a lot of interest in me and they think I can make it big one day."

During his senior season at Sterling High School in Baytown, Texas, Marshall compiled a 10-2 record with an ERA of 2.27. He had 116 strikeouts in 89 1/3 innings. (Source)

matsuifan.com on "Good Morning Japan"

Check out the link below.

matsuifan.com staff on location at Finnerty's Pub NYC. The quality of this video is terrible, but we will put up a cleaner version once I learn how to use a computer.

(Good Morning Japan)

Need a Hit? The Law Offices of A-Rod, Jeter & Cabrera will make sure you don't get what you deserve

Are you looking for a ground ball to 3rd base in a clutch situation?

Do you need a couple fake bunt attempts, only to get a pop out?

Would you like a non-hitting Center fielder?

If so, then call the Non-Heavy hitters at AJ&C.

Terrible game Yankees lose 8-6

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