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Check out the link below. staff on location at Finnerty's Pub NYC. The quality of this video is terrible, but we will put up a cleaner version once I learn how to use a computer.

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Need a Hit? The Law Offices of A-Rod, Jeter & Cabrera will make sure you don't get what you deserve

Are you looking for a ground ball to 3rd base in a clutch situation?

Do you need a couple fake bunt attempts, only to get a pop out?

Would you like a non-hitting Center fielder?

If so, then call the Non-Heavy hitters at AJ&C.

Terrible game Yankees lose 8-6

How do the Mets and Yankees compare in 2008 ?

The "Great Marte" will perform "Walking the bases loaded"

Yankees newbie Damaso Marte decided it would be a good idea to walk the bases loaded in the bottom of the nineth inning with no outs.

For his next trick he calls losing the game, he will serve up a Grand Slam.

David Blaine couldn't even get out of this one.

Yankees lose 9-5

Yankees vs. Rangers Pitching Preview

NYY: Chamberlain (4-3, 2.24 ERA)
TEX: Padilla (12-5, 4.52 ERA)

NYY: Pettitte (12-8, 4.18 ERA)
TEX: Harrison (2-2, 7.40 ERA)

NYY: Ponson (6-2, 4.23 ERA)
TEX: Hunter (0-0, 10.80 ERA)

NYY: Mussina (14-7, 3.44 ERA)
TEX: Feldman (4-4, 4.97 ERA)

You probably don't hear much about the Rangers..due to the fact that the Angels are running away with the AL West Division.

The Rangers have played well atleast put them in wild card consideration (they are currently 6 games back in the wild card race)

Here's what the yankees have done against Rangers so far this season

6/30 Lost 2-1. Yanks waste a solid outing from Mussina..and can only muster 1 run (AROD HOMER)

7/1 Another LOSS! 2-3 . Mariano entered a tie game in the 9th..and allowed the go ahead run to score.

7/2 In true 2008 yankee fashion..the yankees decide to score all their runs in one game. YANKEES WON 18-7!!!! (Giambi hit a grandslam, AROD 3 run blast...YANKS SCORED 9 times in the 7th inning)

Now had they just scored that many runs over the entire series they would have swept the Rangers

Huge win today. Nady rallies the troops

Yankees win 14-9

Xavier Nady went 4-5 with a HR and 6 RBI's today.

Since joining the Yankees, he has gone 10-26.

Andy runs out of gas and has a terrible outing

5.1 INN, 11 HA, 3 BBI, 4 K, 9 ER, 15.188 ERA, 2.625 WHIP, L

Yankees 6 Angels 12

This series is not going to be easy.

Yanks vs. Angels Pitching Preview

LAA: Garland (9-6, 4.30 ERA)
NYY: Pettitte (12-7, 3.76 ERA)

LAA: Santana (11-5, 3.57 ERA)
NYY: Ponson (6-2, 4.59 ERA)

LAA: Weaver (9-8, 4.11 ERA)
NYY: Mussina (13-7, 3.56 ERA)

LAA: Lackey (9-2, 2.93 ERA)
NYY: Rasner (5-8, 4.92 ERA)

Deal or No Deal.. Cash making some moves and we like em

The Trade Deadline is approaching

So far the Yankees have acquired:
Xavier Nady
Damaso Marte
Pudge Rodriguez

A starting pitcher would be nice. We will see.

Yanks get Pudge

The New York Yankees have found a replacement for Jorge Posada.

New York acquired catcher Ivan Rodriguez from the Tigers on Wednesday for right-handed pitcher Kyle Farnsworth.

Rodriguez, who is in the final year of his contract, waived his no-trade clause to join the Yankees, sources told

"He's hitting over .290 I believe and he's been hot so we're looking forward to having him," Yankees manager Joe Girardi said after New York's 13-3 rout of the Orioles on Wednesday.

Farnsworth played for the Tigers in 2005. (Source)

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