Papelbon is a classless idiot

Thankfully, Papelbon was not selected to be manager of the AL All Star team.

Below is his intelligent answer to the question "Who should close the All Star Game at Yankee Stadium?"

"If I was managing the team, I would close," Papelbon said Monday. "But I'm not managing the team."

No, you are not managing the team and you are a moron. But don't worry Papelbon, you are not alone. Your whole team is a bunch of idiots.

So in the future Papelbon, keep making that stupid face you think is intimidating and continue to act like a jackass.

Check it out, Cone makes A** out of himself once again

(Listen here for Cone's Fancy Announcing)

I think our friend Ross from "Yankee Stadium Insider Blog" is just waiting for Cone to screw up, because he gets these videos out to the public even before Cone spits out his jargon.

Enjoy the latest video of Cone's dumb comments.

Yankees picked apart this weekend by the Blue Jays.

Friday 5-0 Jays win

Saturday 9-4 Yankees win

Sunday 4-1 Jays win

Awwwweeeee. The stache didn't make it into the All Star Game.

Jason Giambi's mustache may have helped him turn his season around, but it wasn't enough to earn him a place on the All-Star team.

Giambi lost out to Evan Longoria, the Rays third baseman who won the fan vote for the final spot on the American League roster. White Sox outfielder Jermaine Dye finished second, with Giambi coming in third ahead of Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts and Royals outfielder Jose Guillen.

"He's a great player - and he's only going to get better," Giambi said of Longoria, an All-Star in his rookie season. "He can play defensively with anybody in the big leagues, and offensively, he's got power to all fields."

Despite the Yankees' "Support the 'Stache" campaign, which included a Stadium giveaway of 20,000 fake mustaches on Wednesday afternoon, Giambi failed to garner enough support to earn his sixth All-Star appearance and first since 2004. Still, Giambi's rebirth at the plate has left him feeling good about his season.

"Just being productive, that's what I'm most excited about," Giambi said. "The whole thing was fun; what (Yankees PR director) Jason Zillo and the guys did with the marketing, the fans, it was awesome. I gave it a run, but now I get four days off, which I definitely can use." (Source)

Bobby's "Double" wins it in the 10th

Huge win for the Yankees as they try to chip away at the Rays lead in the East.

Yankees win 2-1 (Box Score)

As much as I was against the Ponson signing, the big sack of crap has been pitching ok.

Ponson's Line:
6.0 innings 5 Hits 1 ER 2BB 4k's

Jason Giambi answers reporters on his special mustache day.

Giambi calls himself "humbled" by the effort of the club and the kindness of the fans. He has had rocky relationships with both because he testified he used steroids. Now he is a sentimental favorite.

"I guess you just play from the heart," he said when asked about how a person makes that transition. "Just be yourself and let the world know you're a human being and you make mistakes, and it's how you handle mistakes that says who you are."

Andy blanks the Rays 5-0

Andy shut out the Rays through 8 innings

His Line: 8 INN, 4 HA, 5 K, 0.500 WHIP, W, QS

Yankees 5 Rays 0

VOTE GIAMBI into the All Star Game- The matsuifan ladies are on his side.


Help Giambi become an ALL STAR ! (And David Wright too!)

I want to get away... I want to fly away..

Cynthia files for divorce against A-Rod. Who knows who is telling the truth in this case, but matsuifan decided to help out by sending this picture we took from Kravitz's room in Paris.

It wasn't easy taking this shot, but matsuifan has to do what matsuifan has to do.

Mild-mannered Gardner becomes hero in the 10th.

Yankees win 5-4 (Box Score)

The Yankees still show signs that they have some life, but will need to get their act together if they expect to do anything this year.

Yankees currently on the DL:

Matsui OF
Wang SP
Damon OF
Phil Hughes SP
Ian Kennedy SP
Brian Bruney SP
Carl Pavano SP (what else is new)

The Red Sox are skating into town. Pitching Preview

BOS: Lester (6-3, 3.48 ERA)
NYY: Pettitte (9-5, 3.98 ERA)

Friday 4th of July
BOS: Beckett (7-5, 3.65 ERA)
NYY: Rasner (4-6, 4.42 ERA)

BOS: Masterson (4-2, 3.75 ERA)
NYY: Mussina (10-6, 3.87 ERA)

BOS: Wakefield (5-6, 3.72 ERA)
NYY: Chamberlain (2-2, 2.22 ERA)

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