Is it time to start spring cleaning? Cash ??? What do you think?

We would...

Let Abreu and Pettitte walk off a plank
Trade Johnny and get a better CF
Move Nady to right
Sign Pavano cheap.. He owes us
See if Matsui can play LF, if not DH him
Split catching time with Jorge and Molina
boot I Rod
Get CC
Let Giambi and his stache walk
If Jorge can catch,,, Get Texeira
sign Moose to a short contract
Let Cano play winter ball and get someone like Larry Bowa to keep him in line.
Enter Ponson in an eating contest.

It's a start

Must win time ! Yankees vs. Red Sox Pitching Preview

BOS: Wakefield (7-8, 3.67 ERA)
NYY: Pettitte (13-9, 4.17 ERA)

BOS: Byrd (8-11, 4.61 ERA)
NYY: Ponson (7-4, 4.67 ERA)

BOS: Lester (12-5, 3.49 ERA)
NYY: Mussina (16-7, 3.45 ERA)

Mo and Mo's son "MiniMo" help complete the sweep of the O's

Rivera had an added good-luck charm on hand, as his 14-year-old son, Mariano Jr., was the bat boy during the trip. Rivera entered in the eighth for two of his three weekend saves. His lockdowns helped ensure the Yankees will carry some momentum into their next series, a critical three games with the Red Sox in the Bronx. The Red Sox lead the Yankees in the wild-card race by five games.

The Yankees can thank their heated-up offense (four hits by Robinson Cano) and superb late bullpen work for the sweep. Orioles starter Daniel Cabrera wasn't exactly in peak form, allowing seven earned runs in 3 2/3 innings. Still, the Yankees scored 22 runs in the three-game series. And Mariano Rivera was there to lock up all three victories, recording a save in each game to reach 31.

"There's going to be times when I go three days, four days in a row," Rivera said. "It's all about the team. It doesn't matter the individual stats." (Full Story/Source)

Yankees vs. Orioles Pitching Preview

NYY: Mussina (16-7, 3.35 ERA)
BAL: Liz (4-3, 7.47 ERA)

NYY: Pavano (0-0, 0.00 ERA)
BAL: Guthrie (10-9, 3.15 ERA)

NYY: Rasner (5-9, 4.93 ERA)
BAL: Cabrera (8-8, 4.98 ERA)

There he is.... We have been waiting for the real Ponson to show up.

It was only a matter of time before Ponson showed his true colors.

Yanks get spanked 14-3

S Ponson (L, 7-4) IP-2.0 Hits-8 ER-7 ERA- 4.67

Jeter making some huge strides of late

Yankees win 5-1

Derek Jeter hit a two-run homer, Andy Pettitte pitched seven strong innings to snap a four-start winless streak and the New York Yankees beat the Toronto Blue Jays 5-1 on Wednesday night.

Jeter's homer in the fourth inning was his eighth of the season and 203rd of his career, moving him past Bill Dickey and into a tie with Roger Maris for 11th place on the Yankees' all-time list.

He was 3-for-5 and is two hits shy of 2,500 for his career. He is batting .571 (16-for-27) over his past six games, including five multihit efforts.

Pettitte (13-9) had not won since beating Boston on July 26, losing twice and taking two no-decisions in between. He allowed one run and five hits in seven innings, walked none and struck out four. He set down 10 straight at one stretch and threw 83 pitches, including 62 strikes. (Full Story/ Source)

Que the carnival music. Nice catch Johnny.

On a night that Rasner actually pitched well, the offense was quiet. Nothing new with the quiet offense, but Rasner deserves a pat on the back.

Damon looked like he never played the outfield and Burnett made Giambi and A Rod look like idiots.

Michael Kay made a stupid remark about Damon. He said Damon never patted his glove before he made the catch, meaning that was why he didn't make the catch. What the heck does that have to do with anything? He isn't playing patty cakes. Catch the freaking ball.

On the flip side, Damon was offered a job to be Bozo the Clown and our sources are telling us that he is intrigued by the idea. "I think it would be kind of fun" Damon said. "I wouldn't have to change much, I would just continue my outfield antics in a clown costume. Sounds easy enough" Sources say his only down fall may be juggling, because it would require catching the balls. (Not actual quotes)

Yanks drop a tough one 2-1

Yankees vs. Blue Jays Pitching Preview

NYY: Rasner (5-9, 5.18 ERA)
TOR: Burnett (15-9, 4.67 ERA)

NYY: Pettitte (12-9, 4.30 ERA)
TOR: Purcey (2-3, 5.93 ERA)

NYY: Ponson (7-3, 4.19 ERA)
TOR: Halladay (14-9, 2.64 ERA)

Hey Coach!.... I'm ready to get injured again.

For all those who believe the Yankees would never let oft-injured starter Carl Pavano pitch for them this season, Yanks' GM Brian Cashman has a message:

"That's ridiculous. We're paying him money to pitch. If he can pitch and help us, he'll pitch."

Pavano's Yankee tenure has been filled with injuries - he has made just 19 starts for the Yankees since signing a four-year deal worth nearly $40 million before the 2005 season - but he is healthy enough now to be one of the candidates to step into the rotation Saturday in Baltimore when the team next needs a fifth starter. He hasn't pitched in the majors since April 9, 2007.

"He's not the villain he's cast as," Cashman, who signed Pavano to the contract, said Monday. "Carl Pavano has worked his butt off. He's always tried. He just hasn't stayed healthy. No one is trying to avoid him. When he's healthy, he can pitch. He's one of the hardest workers we've got. People don't want to realize it or look at it, but that's true. (Full Story)

He's Back!!! Now we only have 34 DH's. Who will sit?

We know one person who is excited to see Matsui back with the Yanks.

Many questions will come into play for the Yankees once Hideki Matsui comes back, such as "Who's going to sit?" The Yankees probably will prefer to see those questions as options for a lineup that was staggering before a 15-6 rout of the Royals on Sunday.

Either way, two things are unquestionable: The Yankees will be happy to welcome Matsui, who had appeared lost for the year after he injured his left knee in June; and the club will be in huge trouble if it has an awful three-game series in Toronto starting tonight. (Full Story/Source)

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