Jeter ties the Babe

With a third-inning single up the middle on Sunday, Derek Jeter tied Babe Ruth for second place on the Yankees' all-time list with 2,518 career hits.
Facing Mariners starter Ryan Feierabend, Jeter stroked the hit to match Ruth past the dive of shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt, which was the shortstop's second hit of the game after he homered in the first inning.

Once the 34-year-old Jeter passes Ruth, his next target would be the Yankees' all-time franchise leader, Lou Gehrig, who had 2,721 hits. (Source)

A-Rod watches to see if his homer..... is a homer.

New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez leans as he watches his ninth-inning home run off Tampa Bay Rays' Troy Percival during a baseball game Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2008, in St. Petersburg, Fla. Umpires reviewed the home run with instant replay and upheld the original ruling. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

Yankees win 8-4

Edwar picks up the win.

Is it too late???? Yes, probably

So what's 17 wins worth?

As Mike pointed out below...Mike Mussina has reached 17 wins this season..and he's not done yet. Should the Yankees resign him next year? Here's the current MLB leaders in Wins and there Salaries.

What's Mussina worth next year....the market says he can still command $10mill for next season. Do you think the Yankees should sign him? I think they should first make a move at Sabathia and then come talk to Moose

Moose racks up his 17th win for the Yankees

Team Notes:

AROD hits 30th Home Run.
Joba returns to throw 1.1 scoreless innings
Moose gets his 17th win

Yankees win 7-2

Yankees vs. Rays (Not that it matters) Pitching Preview

NYY: Mussina (16-7, 3.41 ERA)
TAM: Garza (11-7, 3.53 ERA)

NYY: Pavano (2-0, 3.27 ERA)
TAM: Jackson (11-8, 3.81 ERA)

NYY: Rasner (5-9, 5.08 ERA)
TAM: Kazmir (10-6, 3.13 ERA)

Coke makes his debut as a Yankee

Lefty Phil Coke earned a lineup card, a game ball and his first strikeout ball (vs. Curtis Granderson) as souvenirs of his major league debut — a scoreless seventh. He gave up a hit to Magglio Ordonez and a wild pitch, but struck out Miguel Cabrera with a slider after throwing a 96 mph fastball.

“I don’t even know if I had time for jitters,” said Coke, 26, who arrived this morning from Class AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. He was mostly a starter at Class AA this year (9-4, 2.51 ERA, 115 K, 118 IP), but he’ll be used in relief for now. “After the fact, I [said], ‘No way, I really faced those guys?”


Yankees win 13-9

Here comes the sun. Nady gets burned

Yanks drop another.

Nady on missing the catch:

"I misread it off the bat," Nady said after the Blue Jays beat the Yankees, 6-2, yesterday at the Stadium and now set out on a 10-game road trip. Nady said he didn't lose the ball in the sun initially, nor when he tried to chase it down.

"I took the initial step in and by the time I recovered, it was too late. If I catch that, it changes everything."

Regardless of what the Yankees do over the next 10 games, it may be too late for them. Though Nady is a relative newcomer to The Bronx, he's aware of the tenuous nature of the Bombers' playoff hopes.

"When I came over here a couple of weeks ago, I was pretty excited to play with this group," Nady said. "I know all of the history and careers [of the players here]. I think everyone's in shock right now. We're not playing well. Hopefully we get things going somehow."

Major Yankee Salaries Coming Off the Books in 2009

In 2009 the Yankees will have over $75 million comming off their current payroll. Here are the major Yankee salaries that will come off the books after this season ends

I can already picture Yankee Fans salivating at the thought of lets say signing C.C. Sabathia for like $20-$25mill and Mark Teixeira for another $20mill. That will still give the Yankees room to look for bullpen help and getting another bat. Frank Thomas anybody? Plus they may even resign Mussina.

SOURCES: (Tim Marchman)

Giambi saves the Yanks for at least one day

Giambi saved the Yankees yesterday, coming off the bench to hit a tying homer in the seventh inning and a game-winning single in the ninth for a 3-2 victory over the Boston Red Sox.

Desperate to get back in the pennant race, New York salvaged the finale of a three-game series and won Boston's final regular-season game at Yankee Stadium.

"We have a pulse," Giambi said. "Hopefully, this will jump-start this ballclub." Full Story / Source

My fellow Americans.... The Yankees are terrible. We need change.

"My fellow Americans...The last 8 years have been disappointing. We need change. We thought Carl Pavano would bring change, but instead he raised the cost of healthcare for all Americans. His frequent visits to the hospitals and surgery units were not the change we are looking for."

Ivan Rodriguez didn't bring change. He brought a lame ass bat and evil looking eye brows. We don't need a short version of the Grinch batting for us. We need change.

We need Cano to change. He is hitting like S#!T. That's the change we need.

We need athletic light on their feet players. Not Giambi at first. He is like a chubby lady running on her tippy toes. We need change. We need Texeira.

We need Alex Rodriguez to change. He has raised our teams taxes with his huge salary. He has to stop over thinking, hanging out with 50 yr old dirty chics, worrying about his highlights, getting caught with strippers and hit a freaking ball in the clutch.

Hal we need you and Hanky to change this team."

Cue "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow" Fleetwood Mac song.

Yanks drop another one 11-2

Not looking good

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