Jeter won't admit that the Yankees won't make the playoffs

Well at least we didn't lose last night

Just as I was going to head up to see a team not in the pennant race and sit in the freezing cold rain, the Yanks got rained out. Bummer.

They will play a Day-Night Double header today.

Fans that had tickets for last nights game will be able to go to tonight's game at 7:05.

Ponson looks to start things off against the Rays

Yankees vs. Rays Pitching Preview

TAM: Garza (11-9, 3.55 ERA)
NYY: Ponson (8-5, 5.10 ERA)

TAM: Shields (12-8, 3.64 ERA)
NYY: Mussina (17-8, 3.48 ERA)

TAM: Jackson (11-10, 4.06 ERA)
NYY: Pavano (2-1, 5.31 ERA)

World renowned recording artist Bernie Williams to be at the Yankees last home game.

Bernie Williams told The Post last night he plans to be at Yankee Stadium as part of the pregame festivities on Sept. 21, when the YanksNew York Yankees and Orioles play what surely will be the final game in the current Stadium.

It will be Williams' first appearance at the Stadium since the Yankees left him unsigned following the 2006 season.

As he prepared for a musical performance that benefited Robinson Cano's Foundation Fundraiser at Frankie & Johnny's Pine Restaurant in The Bronx, Williams said he expects an electric night at the Stadium.

"It will bring me back to my first time in 1991, when I played my first game," Williams said. "It will be amazing. The fans are going to be great. I'm obviously very sad to the Stadium go - you have a lot of great memories - but you move on." (Source)

Shocking performance by Alfredo Aceves

Fans all agree (like the one above) that Alfredo Aceves performance was shocking.

Alfredo picked up his first win as a Yankee.

He pitched 7 innings of 1 run ball, while only throwing 89 pitches.

Jeter made history by passing the Babe with hits as a Yankee.

Yankees get a win believe it or not 7-1

You can put lipstick on a Jackass, but he will always be the same Jackass

Schilling's stupid comments

“The Yankees suck this year and (New Yorkers are) bitter and mad and they’re making excuses over that and now they got Tom (Brady) going down, so New York’s excited,” said Schilling while appearing on Boston’s WEEI radio network Tuesday. “It’s unfortunate, but when you crawl to the top of the pile you will have people trying to knock you down."

“That’s okay because I was front row and center, when their dynasty ended,” said Schilling, who won World Series co-MVP as a pitcher on the Arizona Diamondbacks team that beat the Yankees in the 2001 Fall Classic. “They want us to be as bitter and mad and miserable as they are and unfortunately it’s not going to happen.”

“The sad part is going to be when they beat the Jets next week,” said Schilling, predicting as strong as an 11-5 finish for the Patriots this season. “I laughed the whole preseason listening to experts talking about (Matt) Cassel. I mean you really think (Belichick’s) the genius who everyone claims him to be and is just a rockhead when it comes to his backup quarterback? If Bill Belichik trusts Matt Cassel, how the hell could you not?” (Source)

Hey Curt remember this?

Since he is going to bring the Jets up, we might just have to mention that the Mets are in 1st Place. I am not a Mets fan, but it looks as if Curt the moron failed to mention the Mets while making fun of New Yorkers.

Who is most to blame most for the 2008 demise of The Yankees?

Round one goes to the Angels. Surprise surprise.

One veteran Yankee wondered aloud before Monday's game against the Angels if players had given up on the season.

But at least one player showed some fight - literally - in the Yankees' lopsided 12-1 loss to the Angels at Angel Stadium in Anaheim last night. Catcher Ivan Rodriguez and Angels centerfielder Torii Hunter were ejected after getting into a fight in the bottom of the sixth inning. Things escalated between the pair after Hunter ran into Rodriguez hard at home plate.

By the time the game was over, Hunter and Rodriguez had hugged and made up. Hunter came over to the outside of the Yankees' clubhouse during the game, and the two patched things up.

"We already talked, everything was OK," Rodriguez said afterwards. "We apologized to each other. That's professional for myself and for him. I've been 18 years in baseball, and I never fight. I compete and I compete hard, but I'm not a fighter." (Source)

Yankees vs. Angels Preview if anyone still cares.

NYY: Pavano (2-0, 4.20 ERA)
LAA: Garland (12-8, 4.64 ERA)

NYY: Aceves (0-0, 1.29 ERA)
LAA: Weaver (10-10, 4.42 ERA)

NYY: Pettitte (13-12, 4.49 ERA)
LAA: Santana (15-5, 3.23 ERA)

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