It was another shocking performance by Alfredo Aceves

I don't know why, but I enjoy watching this kooky bastard being shocked.

Alfredo pitched well for the second straight outing.

Yanks get the win 4-2

Mo moves into 2nd on the all time saves list.

Posada exercises 1st Amendment on Center Stage

In a taping of of "CenterStage" for the YES Network Monday, Jorge Posada laid out some strong expectations for himself and the Yankees for next season.

But his most blunt and interesting answer came in a word-association segment near the end of the show, when interviewer Michael Kay asked the injured catcher about pitcher Joba Chamberlain.

"Leave him in the bullpen," Posada replied flatly, before being asked to expand on his answer. "If you start him and he pitches 200 innings, he won't be able to (last).

"You're going to lose him. He's going to get hurt ... I don't see him as a starter. I'd leave him in the bullpen."

Asked about the Yanks' trade-deadline acquisition of Ivan Rodriguez to replace him behind the plate, Posada told Kay, "Pudge, he's my friend, but he's going to have to go somewhere else."

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After answering the Joba question, we informed Posada that we were actually talking about the Joba impersonator in the article below. Much to our dismay, we then found out that Jorge was actually Jonesy, a Posada impersonator. Almost simultaniously, Michael Kay took off his gigantic bean head mask and turned out to be a villian from a Scooby Doo episode. He then muttered the words " I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for the mangy mut and the guy with big ears." Needless to say, it was a very different CenterStage.

Joba look a-like gets free booze and food

A New Jersey man was arrested for impersonating Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain in order to gain free bagels and some celebrity va-jay-jay - allegedly over 100 girls in fact.

COED was unable to interview the perpetrator, Ryan Ward, but this is how we’d imagine he’d answer if we asked him what was going through his mind during his run as the faux Joba:

“Finding the right celebrity to rip off of is difficult. I’m not remotely good looking so that rules out movie star. I’ve never really been considered cool, which nixes rock star. I wanted to be an athlete but I’m sort of fat and slobbish, thus ruling out any real sport let alone being mistaken for having any athleticism. Being a baseball player was the clear choice.

“I mean, it’s not even a real sport for god sakes. Given all the qualifications mentioned, I could have been anyone on the Red Sox. I once said on was on the Mets but people just threw rocks at me. But I gotta say, Jersey’s such a tough market as there are so many other complete hacks willing to milk other people’s successes.” (Source/Full Story)

Pavano didn't break hip or arm or foot or back. Close one.

Carl Pavano said he won't need any tests on his left hip, which cramped up in the sixth inning yesterday and brought the medical staff out of the dugout.

Pavano, who won for the third time in five starts, said he didn't notice the boos from the capacity Yankee Stadium crowd, which seemed to have a "here we go again" feeling when Pavano walked off next to trainer Steve Donohue. "I didn't hear any reaction, to tell you the truth," said Pavano, who was charged with four runs (three earned) in 5 1/3 innings, three on a home run by Fernando Perez. "I was just saying to myself, 'I'd like to pitch deeper in the game.' "

Joe Girardi pulled Pavano, who had thrown 96 pitches, as a precaution. Asked if the fact that there were boos bothered him, Pavano said: "What's the big deal? We won the ballgame. I'm sure [those fans] are pretty happy now." (Source/Full Story)

Cano gets pulled from the game for being lazy

Yankees manager Joe Girardi usually keeps his decisions, especially ones dealing with discipline, to himself. Not Sunday.

Girardi freely admitted that he benched Robinson Cano in the fifth inning for failing to hustle after a ball that caromed off Jason Giambi's glove and into shallow right field, allowing the Rays' Cliff Floyd to reach second. Cano, who was 0-for-2 to drop his average to .260, said he thought right fielder Xavier Nady was closer to the ball, so he didn't make a move for it.

And Girardi didn't hesitate to say he'd had enough.

"That's a ball you have to hustle after," Girardi said after an 8-4 victory. "I wasn't happy with the effort on that ground ball, so I took him out."

Cano has had a few cases of apparent indifference this season, but Sunday was the first time Girardi punished his second baseman so publicly.

"That's embarrassing, when you get taken out of the game," Cano said. "I thought I was right, but [Girardi] had a better view than I had. I would say he did the right thing." (Source)

Jeter won't admit that the Yankees won't make the playoffs

Well at least we didn't lose last night

Just as I was going to head up to see a team not in the pennant race and sit in the freezing cold rain, the Yanks got rained out. Bummer.

They will play a Day-Night Double header today.

Fans that had tickets for last nights game will be able to go to tonight's game at 7:05.

Ponson looks to start things off against the Rays

Yankees vs. Rays Pitching Preview

TAM: Garza (11-9, 3.55 ERA)
NYY: Ponson (8-5, 5.10 ERA)

TAM: Shields (12-8, 3.64 ERA)
NYY: Mussina (17-8, 3.48 ERA)

TAM: Jackson (11-10, 4.06 ERA)
NYY: Pavano (2-1, 5.31 ERA)

World renowned recording artist Bernie Williams to be at the Yankees last home game.

Bernie Williams told The Post last night he plans to be at Yankee Stadium as part of the pregame festivities on Sept. 21, when the YanksNew York Yankees and Orioles play what surely will be the final game in the current Stadium.

It will be Williams' first appearance at the Stadium since the Yankees left him unsigned following the 2006 season.

As he prepared for a musical performance that benefited Robinson Cano's Foundation Fundraiser at Frankie & Johnny's Pine Restaurant in The Bronx, Williams said he expects an electric night at the Stadium.

"It will bring me back to my first time in 1991, when I played my first game," Williams said. "It will be amazing. The fans are going to be great. I'm obviously very sad to the Stadium go - you have a lot of great memories - but you move on." (Source)

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