"Gas is up... and so am I"

On Ramirez:

"There's nothing we are not looking at," Steinbrenner said Friday at the Yankees' spring training complex. "And personally, I like Manny. He's one of the greatest hitters in the history of the game. He's a free spirit for sure, but he knows how to win. We like some of the other guys, too. We just don't know yet."

Ramirez was traded from Boston to the Dodgers on July 31, and Los Angeles is expected to attempt to re-sign the high-priced outfielder.

"I want to see who is the highest bidder," Ramirez said when the Dodgers lost the NL Championship Series. "Gas is up and so am I."

Actually Manny, Gas is down. Does this mean you will take less? Are we to believe that you fluctuate with the price of a gallon of gas?

It is highly unlikely the Yanks will go after Manny. He is still a great hitter, but the Yankees already have 25 outfielders that can't play good D.


Bobby Abreu, who has driven in 100 or more runs in each of the last six seasons, was one of four New York Yankees players to file for free agency on Thursday.
Joining Abreu on the first day of the filing period were Yankees catchers Ivan Rodriguez and Chad Moeller, plus right-handed pitcher Sidney Ponson.

The 34-year-old Abreu batted .296 with 20 home runs, 100 RBIs and 22 stolen bases in 156 games. Joined by only Alex Rodriguez and Albert Pujols as players to hit the century mark in RBIs each year since 2003, Abreu has spoken about hoping to return to New York, where he has played since a July 2006 trade with the Philadelphia Phillies.

"I've played here two years and two months, and I think they can see what kind of player that I am," Abreu said recently. "I haven't changed anything. I just do my things. I put my numbers every year there and I do my job like a third hitter. I'm not trying to do more than I've been doing, just always be the same. I think I've been doing good the last two years and two months." (Source)

Moose still at a crossroads with what he is going to do.

Most people expect Mike Mussina to announce his retirement sometime in the next month, but agent Arn Tellem said Mussina hasn't made up his mind yet.

After winning 20 games for the first time in his 18-year career, Mussina indicated at the end of the season that he was strongly considering retirement. But Tellem said in an e-mail: "Mussina has not made a decision." He also said he has had no conversations with the Yankees regarding Mussina's future.

The Yankees will be thrilled if Mussina decides to pitch again in 2009, as he would give them one more solid member in a shaky rotation. The soon-to-be 40-year-old was 20-9 with a 3.37 ERA this season. The Yankees hardly are counting upon his return, though. (Source)

Will it be too cold for ARod and the gang if Yanks play exhibition against Cubs in the New Stadium?

The Chicago Cubs might play the unofficial opener at the new Yankee Stadium.

The Cubs and Yankees are talking about playing an exhibition game or games the weekend before most teams open the regular season, on Monday, April 6.

While the Cubs are the Yankees' first choice, the teams are still negotiating.

The official opener of the $1.6 billion ballpark is April 16 against Cleveland.

Tampa Bay Sports better than NY Sports since 2000 ????

It just may be possible.

Since 2000, with all of the NY professional sports teams (Knicks, Bills, Giants, Mets, Yankees, Rangers, Islanders, and Jets), New York has two championships.

That's right. Just TWO.

Yankees won in 2000 and the Giants won last year.

Tampa Bay by itself has three professional teams. The Rays, Bucs and Lightning.

Since 2000, Tampa has two championships. The Lightning took home the cup and the Bucs won the Super Bowl.

SO... if the Rays win the World Series, they will have one more championship than all of NY since 2000. Pretty sad. Joba.... stop boozing and win us a championship.

In case you were interested in how the Rays seasons have gone

Joba sips a little too much of Grandpa's old cough medicine and combines it with a car

The news that broke late Saturday night about Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain's arrest for driving under the influence must have made general manager Brian Cashman want to reach for something stronger than Diet Coke.

As long as Cashman didn't get behind the wheel after that, more power to him. We're all adults here. Prohibition ended in 1933.

And Joba Chamberlain is innocent until proven guilty. But his arrest in his hometown on Lincoln, Neb., early Saturday morning, and the hours he spent in the Cornhusker Place Detox center -- Lincoln's version of a drunk tank -- had to send shivers up the Yankees' decision-makers' spines. (Source)

And the Starters for '09 are Pettitte, Wang, Joba and ????

Late in the season, Pettitte intimated that he would like to pitch in 2009, though he said he had not made up his mind. ESPN.com's Buster Olney reported Wednesday that Pettitte has told the Yankees he wants to return, which is believed to be accurate. Pettitte's agent, Randy Hendricks, did not return e-mail and phone messages.

Chamberlain and Pettitte would be the only likely locks to join Chien-Ming Wang, who is expected to be back from a torn Lisfranc ligament. Mike Mussina is leaning toward retirement. The Yankees will pursue top free agent CC Sabathia hard and also are believed to have interest in free agents Derek Lowe, Ben Sheets and A.J. Burnett. They also might go after trade target Jake Peavy of the Padres, though he reportedly is not a fan of New York City, and free-agent first baseman Mark Teixeira.

Bobby Meacham now available. Who wants?

Third-base coach Bobby Meacham and special pitching instructor Rich Monteleone were fired Tuesday by the New York Yankees.

Meacham spent six seasons as a player with the Yankees and was hired last November when Joe Girardi replaced Joe Torre as manager. Meacham had been Girardi's third-base coach with Florida in 2006, then was first-base coach with San Diego in 2007.

Meacham, who took over from Larry Bowa, is close to Girardi, and his departure is a sign general manager Brian Cashman pushed for change following a third-place finish that ended the Yankees' streak of consecutive playoff appearances at 13.

No one has ever wanted a Jose Molina baseball anything, until maybe now.

Oh boy. A home run ball from Jose Molina. Does anyone really care that it was the last one? We will see. As for Molina, this might be the first thing anyone has ever wanted of his.

Steve Harshman spent about a week soliciting advice on whether to sell the final home run baseball at Yankee Stadium, which he snagged on Sept. 21. When he decided to unload it, Harshman handed over the details to an attorney, then went back to being a husband and father and a Natrona County High School physical education teacher and the school's head football coach.

Harshman's ball -- hit by Yankees backup catcher Jose Molina in the fourth inning of New York's 7-3 win over Baltimore -- will be up for auction Saturday, when Guernsey's auction house of New York will conduct a Yankee Stadium memorabilia sale at Madison Square Garden.

"I think most people view the closing of a stadium as much more than the closing of a building," he said. "The names of Mantle and Gehring and Ruth and DiMaggio and the great teams they played against are gone now. This is the final glory, the final moment."

The pricing of memorable home run balls has been unpredictable since 1998. That year, the first home run ball in Yankee Stadium history -- smacked by Babe Ruth -- went for a then-record $126,000 to an anonymous bidder. A year later, Todd McFarlane, creator of the "Spawn" character, paid $3 million for Mark McGwire's single-season-record 70th home run ball. Last year, fashion designer Marc Ecko purchased Barry Bonds' career-record 756th home run ball for just more than $750,000. (Source)

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