Pettitte and agent hold out for less money

Andy's agent (Jack Kass) has Andy right where the Yankees want him.

Mr. Jack Kass, took a break from purchasing a Ford Pinto with a cracked frame to negotiate Andy's contract.

"There was nothing to it really" said Kass. "The Yankees wanted to pay my client more guaranteed money, but I refused it and pushed them to drop their offer"

And that's exactly what the Yankees did. "I've never seen anything like it" a Yankees spokesman said. "Kass walks into our office with his stained shirt hanging out, smelling like a cup of noodles and imitation crab meat, insisting we lower our offer." Yankee spokesman continues by adding. "His eyes were less focused than Cookie Monsters and he was wearing one shoe."

Andy could not be reached for comment. We assume he now has to get a part-time job to suppliment his loss.

Well, the Yankees have their 5th starter at a lower cost, so we approve of this move.

Torre tells all in new book due out Feb. 3rd.

Joe Torre's new book "The Yankee Years" is making headlines this morning well before its February 3 release date.

The juiciest morsels are splashed all over The New York Post front cover and are on Apparently Alex Rodriguez was dubbed 'A-Fraud' in the locker room and had something of an obsession with teammate Derek Jeter. Torre also says that GM Brian Cashman betrayed Torre's trust and that team doctors told Yankee boss George Steinbrenner that Torre had prostate cancer before the diagnosis was given to Torre himself. (Source)

Now, we had to do some fact checking, because that is what we do here at Matsuifan.

So, we dug up a photo we took when we were invited to A-Rod's girly photo shoot.

We zoomed in with our powerful zooming equipment and noticed a heart shaped locket that Arod was wearing. It turns out that Joe was correct. A-Rod is obsessed with Derek Jeter. There is no possible way this could have been photoshoped. Look for your self.

A bum becomes a millionaire. Only in America. Obama was right, anyone can make it.

7th outfielder Melky Cabrera is now making 1.4 Million this year.

He can't hit, is a decent fielder and acts like a jackass in public. I have a great idea. Let's give him a raise. He deserves it.

I wonder if we can give Igawa a raise also.

The ink keeps flowing in New York, as the Yankees finalized one-year contracts earlier this week with outfielders Xavier Nady and Melky Cabrera to avoid salary arbitration with the pair.

Nady agreed to a one-year, $6.55 million deal, and Cabrera signed a one-year deal worth $1.4 million.

The 30-year old Nady was acquired in in a six-player trade with the Pirates just before the July 31 deadline last season and earned $3.59 million last year.

He batted .268 with 12 homers and 40 RBI in 59 games for the Yankees, but hit a combined .305 with 25 homers and 97 RBI.

The 24-year old Cabrera was expected to be the every-day center fielder in 2008, but hit .249 with eight homers and just 37 RBI in 129 games and was eventually demoted to Triple-A.

Both players have been rumored to be trade bait as the Yanks attempt to trim the team's payroll.

The signings give the Yankees five outfielders: Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui, Nady, Cabrera and recently acquired Nick Swisher.

Who should be the starting Yankee Centerfielder on opening day at the New Yankee Stadium in 2009?

Yankees in the World Baseball Classic

Aceves, Alfredo MEX
Cabrera, Melky DOM
Cano, Robinson DOM
Cervelli, Francisco ITA
Jeter, Derek USA
Liu, Kai CHN
Marte, Damaso DOM
Ramirez, Edwar DOM
Rodriguez, Alex DOM
Santamaria, Jahdiel PAN
Vazquez, Jorge MEX
Veras, Jose DOM
Zhang, Zhenwang CHN

20 Non-Roster Invitees are coming to Spring Training.

Sorry Kei Igawa, we snatched yours.

For More info, (CLICK HERE)

And the winning designer of the Mets new stadium jersey patch goes to...............

The 5 yr olds from Jonesy School of arts

Jonesy and the gang ate 2 quarts of paste, ruined the carpet and each got a well deserved F for designing the new Met's patch for their grand opening of their new stadium.

Are you freaking kidding me.

This is the actual patch. Some have compared it to the logo from Domino's pizza. Terrible pizza, terrible patch. The Met's wanted to make it clear that they are still NY's # 2 baseball team.

Stubborn Andy is still bitchin

Andy Pettitte is extremely unhappy with how his negotiations have gone with the Yankees, and the lefthander might be softening on his opposition to rejoining the Astros.

What once seemed a fait accompli - Pettitte returning to the Yankees for a 12th season in pinstripes - now appears increasingly in jeopardy, although the two sides continue to communicate and they ultimately rank as each other's first choice.

Pettitte recently rejected the Yankees' offer of a $10 million salary for 2009, and a team source confirmed a New York Post report that the Yankees, with Mark Teixeira's deal completed, are inclined to offer Pettitte even less money now. Pettitte made $16 million with the Yankees each of the previous two years and hoped to match that salary this year.

The 36-year-old's grievances with the Yankees feature, most prominently, these three sentiments, according to people familiar with his thinking:

1. Pettitte believes that the Yankees should display more appreciation for all that he has done for them.

2. While the Yankees are asking that Pettitte take a pay cut, the team clearly is not hurting financially, given its large investments in Teixeira, CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett.

3. Pettitte thinks that his 2008 season wasn't as bad as the Yankees are making it out to be. (Source)

Indians and Pavano agree to a 1 year deal

The Cleveland Indians and free-agent pitcher Carl Pavano, a four-year bust with the New York Yankees because of injuries, agreed to a one-year, $1.5 million contract Tuesday.

Indians general manager Mark Shapiro said Pavano, who turns 33 Thursday, is guaranteed a spot in Cleveland's rotation as long as he's healthy after spring training. Pavano can make another $5.3 million in performance bonuses, which don't kick in until he makes 18 starts.

The Indians are hoping Pavano has put his injury problems behind him and can step into a starting spot behind Cy Young Award winner Cliff Lee and Fausto Carmona.

Pavano spent most of the last four years on the disabled list with shoulder and elbow issues. He made only 26 starts and went 9-8 with a 5.00 ERA for the Yankees. (Source)

Pettitte to Yanks: 10 Million is not enough after my crappy season last year.

In some ways, Andy Pettitte is no different from the dozens of other free agents to start the new year without a team. Players all over baseball are waiting for better offers, and teams are searching for bargains.

But Pettitte is not like other players, and the Yankees are not like other teams. Pettitte has pledged his loyalty to the Yankees, and the Yankees have spent lavishly this winter at a time when many clubs are scaling back.

A reunion seemed inevitable at the start of the off-season, but now it is uncertain. Pettitte has rejected the Yankees’ one-year, $10 million offer, according to a person with knowledge of the negotiations, and there is no standing offer for now. (Source)

(Stats from ESPN)

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