A-Rod out 10 Weeks !!!!

Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez will have surgery to remove a cyst from his right hip and will be out 10 weeks, Rodriguez's brother told ESPNdeportes.com on Thursday.

Joe Rodriguez, Alex Rodriguez's older brother, told Enrique Rojas of ESPNdeportes.com during a phone interview that immediate surgery was recommended, and that rehabilitation would take about 10 weeks.

A source close to the situation told ESPNdeportes.com that the surgery is scheduled for Monday in Colorado.

There has been no confirmation from the Yankees regarding the scheduled surgery.

It also means that A-Rod will not be able to participate with the Dominican Republic team in the World Baseball Classic.

"It's a big blow for the whole family. Alex is destroyed," Joe Rodriguez told ESPNdeportes.com. "We were all very excited to see him play with the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic.

"But the most important thing is to have a successful surgery so that Alex may continue his career." (Source)

A-Rod + talking = Foot in mouth

Mr. Peter Abraham breaks some news.

Alex Rodriguez told reporters in Jupiter today that he wished Jose Reyes played for the Yankees.

He then sent word through a team PR man that his comments shouldn’t be taken as a shot at Derek Jeter. No, of course not. Reyes plays shortstop. That’s the same position Jeter plays. How could anybody take that as a shot?

It’s truly amazing. It really is.

UPDATE, 5:31 p.m: Here is what A-Rod said: “I wish (Reyes) was leading off on our team, playing on our team.”

Jose Reyes is a terrific player and it may have been an innocent comment. But given Alex’s history with Jeter, he should have found a different way to say something nice about Reyes. It just doesn’t make sense. (Source)

Great pictures of the new stadium.

The Voice of Yankees Universe got their hands on some great pictures of the new Yankee Stadium.

"Here are some of the latest photos (about 150 Photos. haha) taken at the new ballpark. Every time I see new pictures of the ballpark..it looks like its getting better and better. I want to thank topkidnum1, Clarissa Rivera, Hardcore Shutterbug, Yankees.com, & WCBS for the photos below:"
~ Kevin Rozell

Please check them out here (The Voice of Yankees Universe)

Posada career is over?????

Not that we know of, but it is scary to see him sit and be in pain. We cannot go through the season with Jose as our catcher again. He is a great defensive catcher, but we need the offense.

It is our understanding that Posada's surgery was very complex. Posada was quoted as saying "they did a lot in there." Can they perform surgery on Molina to make him a better hitter?

We hope so.

Jim Carrey to star in Damn Yankees

It looks like Hugh Jackman and his Oscar top hat were right — the musical IS back. Variety reports that Jake Gyllenhaal and Jim Carrey are going to take Jackman at his word, and star in a remake of “Damn Yankees.” It will be the first musical for both actors and yes, they will sing.

“Damn Yankees” will be a contemporary version of the 1955 musical, but will stick closely to the same story of Joe Boyd, a happily married man who suffers from a lifelong devotion to a losing baseball team. One night, Joe meets the Devil, who convinces him to sell his soul and become Joe Hardy, the all-star slugger the team is desperate for. Boyd can escape the deal, as long as he does it before the World Series — but to keep him tempted, the Devil hires the gorgeous Lola to seduce him. (Source)

Manny rejects offer and wants to become a grill master.

Manny Ramirez has rejected yet another offer from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Dodgers announced last night the free agent left fielder’s agent, Scott Boras, had declined the offer - a $25 million, one-year contract with a $20 million player option for 2010 - the club’s fourth this offseason.

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt says he wants Ramirez back “but we feel we are negotiating against ourselves.” The offer is similar to the two-year, $45 million deal with a buyout or club option that the Dodgers put on the table in November. (Source)


Yankees lower ticket price for people who will be staring at a brickwall in new stadium.

(This photo was taken by our good friend Jonesy who bought a $12 ticket)

Jonesy likes his seats a lot, except for the barley noticeable brick pillar that is directly in front of his seat.

"Seats are great" Jonesy explained. "The only problem with the seats is, I can't really see the game" He went on to say "The Yankees were nice to lower the cost of the game and YES does have a Yankee Encore, so I can watch it for the first time on TV."

Jonesy was arrested 2 yrs ago for drinking 2 gallons of hotdog water and vomitting on Phil Coke. Phil Coke could not be reached for a comment.

News Story Below~from Newsday
The price of watching a fraction of Yankees games dropped to a fraction of its original cost yesterday, with obstructed-view bleacher seats abruptly falling from $12 per game to $5.

Lonn Trost, the team's chief operating officer, made the announcement during an interview on WFAN. The ticket price applies to about 600 seats on either side of a sports bar that extends to the centerfield wall.

"Those seats are being sold at $5, not $12," he said. "I think some seats may have gone out improperly invoiced. Those are going to be corrected, but those 600 seats are going to be $5." (Source)

Yankee Spring Training Schedule on YES

February 26 Tampa Bay Rays 1:15 p.m./YES HD
February 28 Minnesota Twins 1:15 p.m./YES HD
March 3 Team USA 1:15 p.m./YES HD
March 7 Atlanta Braves 1:15 p.m./YES HD
March 10 Cincinnati Reds 7:15 p.m./YES HD
March 14 Houston Astros 1:15 p.m./YES HD
March 17 Pittsburgh Pirates 7:15 p.m./YES HD
March 19 Toronto Blue Jays 7:15 p.m./YES HD
March 24 Boston Red Sox 7:15 p.m./YES HD
March 26 Philadelphia Phillies 1:05 p.m./YES HD
April 3 Chicago Cubs 7:05 p.m./YES HD
April 4 Chicago Cubs 1:05 p.m./YES HD

Thanks to Ross from (New Stadium Insider) for posting the schedule.

Rivera and the gang have fun with an eight ball

TAMPA, Florida (AFP) — New York Yankees sluggers put down their bats and picked up pool cues Monday as the team canceled a workout so players could bond over a billards tournament.

Two weeks after Yankees superstar third baseman Alex Rodriguez admitted taking performance-enhancing drugs from 2001 through 20003 and six days after training camp opened with an A-Rod news conference, the Yankees relaxed.

"I've never been on a team that's done something like this before, but I often wondered why," Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. "There's a lot of other sports that do these types of things.

"We can get away from the park and enjoy each other off the field and get to know each other."

The pool hall outing gave the Yankees something else to talk about besides the aftermath of Rodriguez's doping admission and the upcoming season whose first game is still more than a month away.

"It's all about really getting together," Yankee veteran Jorge Posada said. "If I was a young man coming on this trip, it's something that you don't see often. You can hang out with the veterans and be away from the field." (Source)

Red Sox whining about salary cap because of the Yankees.

FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) — Boston Red Sox owner John Henry is renewing his call for a baseball salary cap. He says he thinks all owners would support an "enlightened" salary cap to improve competitive balance and that players might agree. He did not give details.

Henry's call came Wednesday at spring training after the New York Yankees signed three free agents for a total of $423.5 million during the offseason. The Red Sox gave out much shorter and cheaper deals.

Exactly five years earlier, Henry called for a salary cap when the Yankees obtained Alex Rodriguez in a trade with Texas after the Red Sox failed to complete a trade for him.

At that time, he advocated a cap to deal with a team that he said has far more resources than any other team. (Source)


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