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"Idiots are Everywhere"

About the book:

Ever eat? work? Shop? Use a public bathroom? or Drive anywhere? Did you ever encounter someone and say to yourself.. "What an Idiot!" Did you say yes? Did you expect a response from me? If so, I apologize. This is a book and I can't respond to you, but I 'hear ya.' "Idiots Are Everywhere" is divided into 10 sections, each filled with comical analysis and invented interviews designed at capturing the mindset of everyday people as they go about their lives and are forced to interact with others. You may never look at a normal situation again after reading this book.

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Why to trust them: USA's top 10 Universities and IT courses and the best 10 IT exam vendors

Why to trust them: USA's top 10 Universities and IT courses and the best 10 IT exam vendors

When looking for an IT vendor or certification program from any university, the first thing that a person thinks about is why he or she should trust that certain vendor or university. Well it's true that many vendors and universities don't offer accurate certifications or information's regarding good and credible certifications. Others offer certifications but then with a large sum of amount to be given in order to acquire that certification.

Universities and vendors, most of them, tend to misguide the candidate and confuse him regarding his choice of certification. This article is basically going to make the lives of these candidates easier, since it would provide them with a list of top 10 vendors and Top 10 USA universities that provide IT courses.

Here is a list of Top 10 vendors:

Motorola Solutions

Motorola is a well-known established company and offers certifications to its employees and customers to understand the technicalities of Motorola solutions and products. The certifications are divided into three levels; associate, professional and masters.

Top funny books

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Author:Jim Gaffigan - Hilarious stand up comedian
About: Bacon. McDonalds. Cinnabon. Hot Pockets. Kale. Made funny

Idiots are Everywhere
Author: Mike & Matt - New comic duo getting a lot of buzz
About: A hilarious take on everyday life situations and the idiots we are run into.

Author:Tina Fey- SNL, 30 Rock, Date Night and more.
About: At last, Tina Fey's story can be told!

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns
Author: Mindy Kaling- The Mindy Project, The Office, comic
About: Mindy invites readers on a tour of her life and her unscientific observations on romance, friendship, and Hollywood

Go the F**k to sleep
Author:Adam Mansbach and Ricardo Cortes - Funny dudes
About: A funny book about getting kids to go to sleep

Decorating your home with baseball memorabilia

It’s difficult living in the states not to be a fan of some kind of sport. They’re pretty much ubiquitous, with baseball more likely than not coming tops with most folks. Many of us base our lives around the losses and victories of our home team, and many baseball fans effectively integrate their team into their personal lifestyle by collecting all sorts of team-related memorabilia and displaying them in the home.

While it’s true that many diehard female fans also collect such memorabilia, it does tend to be a predominantly male passion. Given that interior design does not come naturally to the majority of male sports fans, here are a few tips on how to display that precious and unique collection to maximum advantage.

It certainly is possible to have a fashionable and sophisticated home, which at the same time incorporates possibly a large collection of baseball memorabilia, if you put some thought beforehand into where and how the various items are to be displayed.


The temptation will be to spread the collection throughout the home in a haphazard way, but this should be resisted. You don’t want the effect to be diluted by the items occupying every piece of available space, and it’s much better to consolidate them in a select few locations. The best places are usually rooms such as the study, main family room, or a dedicated game room. This will give the collection a far greater impact than by spreading it about, and arranging some grouped items on either side of plantation shutters, for example, will introduce added spatial interest.

To prevent the collection from then having a cluttered and random look, you’ll need to group the items properly, such as autographed photographs all hung on a particular wall of the study.


Halloween costume ideas for sports fans

If you love sports and want to make a splash at a game or party this Halloween, then you are going to need some ideas for a costume. Why not take your favorite sport as inspiration, whether it’s the game itself, the entertainment that goes on around it, or a famous player?

The perfect time for dressing up

Halloween offers the best opportunity for dressing up in outrageous costumes without feeling ridiculous, and if you are a sports fan, it is a chance to take your love to a whole new level. Halloween does not need to be just about scary costumes; it can be about parodies and exaggerated sports costumes as well.

If you are a fan of basketball and there are a few of you attending the event or party, try getting hold of some Harlem Globetrotters costumes, complete with afro wigs. All you need to do is find some red shorts and blue vests, long white socks and you are good to go. Alternatively, pay homage to the Olympics and get all-white ensembles with black edging to recreate the Hoopsters 1992 Dream Team.

A relatively low-key though easy to achieve look is to dress in the uniform of your favorite player. Many such costumes are just shorts and a jersey, so even if you cannot buy a costume that bears the name and number of your favorite, you can probably up-style a plain jersey by sewing or sticking these on.

What next for the Yankees?

2014 will be a season to forget for New York Yankees fans. Not only has captain Derek Jeter made the decision to retire from Major League Baseball, their team also failed to make the playoffs for the second successive year. This is a situation that anyone associated with the New York Yankees is unfamiliar with, as it is only the third occasion that the team have not been a part of the playoffs in the past twenty years. The Yankees are just too big of a franchise for the slide to be allowed to continue, and I would expect there to be wholesale changes during the coming months. Hitting coach since 2009, Kevin Long has already been let go, but the hierarchy have decided to retain the services of Brian Cashman. 2015 will be the 115th competitive season for this franchise, and the 113th the Yankees have spent in New York City. It will be interesting to see how the bookies see things come the new season, as bookmaker Betfair will certainly be pricing up a 2015 Major League Baseball market very soon, and exactly where the New York Yankees will sit in the betting is anybody's guess.

What if Jeter isn't playing at a game you are going to?

A group of Jeter fans are starting to ask the question, what if Jeter isn't playing at the game they go to.. What if he sits that day? Is that possible? Frank Terrain of Boisy NY will not, I repeat, not be happy if he does.

"From here on out, he better not be sitting." added Frank as he pounded his fist into his hand. "I pay good money to see that jerk play and I want to make sure he does." The Yankees' Official MLB betting odds have become less likely to be affected whether or not Jeter plays, but Frank doesn't care about that. Instead, he has been reading the newspapers and checking in on to see if there are odds on if Jeter will simply play, but didn't mention if he is going to bet them based upon his finds.”

"If I do, I do. It's none of your god damn business." he added... again, while punching his fist into his hand. "I pay good money to see that moron on the field. What is it gonna take?"

We don't know if any factors will hold Jeter back, but only time will tell. Meanwhile, many wonder if the Yankees have given up or if they are making a run at the second wild card. Some are calling for Girardi to drop slumping Derek Jeter down in the lineup. But will he?

“I consider us kind of to be in playoff mode right now, because we obviously need to win games,” Girardi said, when asked about keeping Jeter in his traditional spot. “Throughout his career, he’s been clutch in the playoffs and we’re leaving him there. He’s a hot topic always just because of who he is, but there (are) other issues that we have on our club that we have to get better at as well.

“For the first four months of the year, he was probably one of our most consistent hitters,” he added, “one of the three most consistent hitters on our club. . . . He had a tough month.”

So there you have it. It looks like Jeter is staying put.

Yankees Tickets Up 40% For Torre's Ceremony, Down For Rest Of Series Vs White Sox

The New York Yankees are the only team in the American League to post a winning record despite a negative run differential. In fact, their -40 run differential is one of the absolute worst in the league. Outside of the Yankees, the best record for a team with at least a -40 run differential is by the Chicago White Sox at 59-68. Coincidentally the White Sox are the next team on the Yankees schedule. The White Sox are all but out of the playoff race, but the Yankees still have a chance with their 64-61 record. They’re going to have to start making up ground, though, as they’re nine games out of the division lead and four games out of the wild card. Yankees tickets are averaging $83.22 for the series on the secondary market, down 39 percent from their season average.

8/22 CWS John Danks vs. NYY Shane Greene | Avg. Price: $56.47 | Get-in Price: $15

Rookie pitcher Shane Greene has been a pleasant surprise for a decimated Yankees rotation. He’s had a couple tough outings, but has put up great numbers overall. In his last two starts he’s allowed a combined two runs in 14 innings, while walking four and striking out 15. The game is also easily the cheapest of the series with an average price of $56.47 and a get-in price of $15.

8/23 CWS Scott Carroll vs. NYY Hiroki Kuroda | Avg. Price: $115.68 | Get-in Price: $27

The only guy to make every possible start this season for the Yankees is Hiroki Kuroda. He’s had another solid season for the team, posting a 3.97 ERA, 3.90 FIP and 2.2 WAR. He also leads the team with 154 innings pitched, and has the second most wins at 8. Yankees vs White Sox tickets for the game are the most expensive of the series with a $115.68 average price and a $27 get-in price.

8/24 CWS Chris Sale vs. NYY Chris Capuano | Avg. Price: $77.52 | Get-in Price: $13

Yankees Tickets 27% Below Average For Series Vs Tigers

After posting a pair of wins against the Red Sox over the weekend at Fenway Park, the New York Yankees return home this week to host the DetroitTigers for four games at Yankee Stadium. This week’s series with the first place Tigers will serve as a pivotal series for the Yankees as they sit five games behind the Orioles in the AL East and 1.5 games out of the Wild Card. The Yankees schedule will welcome the Tigers to the Bronx for the final time this week during the regular season.

The season average for New York Yankees tickets is $135.80 on the secondary market, but each game of the series will have a below-season average price. The series as a whole is 27% below the season average.

8/4 - Max Scherzer vs Brandon McCarthy | Avg. Price: $130.69 | Get-in Price: $17

Brandon McCarthy will make his fifth start for the Yankees Monday night and will have his work cut out for him against All-Star Max Scherzer, who has continued his dominance after winning the AL Cy Young Award last season. The average secondary price for Monday Yankees vs Tigers tickets Is $130.69, the most expensive game of the series but 3.76% below season average. The get-in price for Monday's game is $17. McCarthy has recorded wins in three of his first four starts as a Yankee and holds a 2.55 ERA in pinstripes. Scherzer has also excelled in recent starts, posting back-to-back wins in his final two starts in July. The Tigers ace hasn’t lost since June 17 against the Royals and will look to extend his streak in the Bronx when he gets the nod tonight. The Yankees will also offer a Back-to-School Set to the first 18,000 guests 14 and younger in the series opener.

8/5 - David Price vs Hiroki Kuroda | Avg. Price: $101.25 | Get-in Price: $10

Midseason Starting Pitcher Betting Report Card

A baseball betting metric that many enthusiasts overlook is the profit or loss figures of each individual starting pitcher. One of the real advantages of baseball as a betting sport is the ability to benefit from moneyline underdogs. If you play moneyline underdogs you don’t even need to hit 50% winners to turn a profit. Just as we look for undervalued and overvalued teams based on their moneyline profit and loss performance we can do the same thing with pitchers. If you want to learn about basics of baseball betting, then check this page.

A mistake that some bettors make is to simply look for profitable pitchers to bet on or unprofitable pitchers to bet against. A more effective strategy is to use these figures to find undervalued and overvalued starting pitchers. Frequently a big name pitcher will have a net unit loss despite a solid win/loss record. The reason for this should be obvious—every time he takes the mound he’s laying a big chalk price. It only takes a few losses in this price range to negate a decent amount of wins.

Finding overvalued starting pitchers to bet against is good information in itself but an even better wagering tool is finding undervalued starters to back. This is done in just the opposite manner—looking for lower profile pitchers with a track record of profits. This type of pitcher is much more common than you might think and for the same reason there’s big name ‘go against’ pitchers—only in reverse. A lower profile pitcher might frequently be available as a moneyline underdog meaning that even a .500 record will equate to betting profits in baseball.

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