Yankees Tickets 27% Below Average For Series Vs Tigers

After posting a pair of wins against the Red Sox over the weekend at Fenway Park, the New York Yankees return home this week to host the DetroitTigers for four games at Yankee Stadium. This week’s series with the first place Tigers will serve as a pivotal series for the Yankees as they sit five games behind the Orioles in the AL East and 1.5 games out of the Wild Card. The Yankees schedule will welcome the Tigers to the Bronx for the final time this week during the regular season.

The season average for New York Yankees tickets is $135.80 on the secondary market, but each game of the series will have a below-season average price. The series as a whole is 27% below the season average.

8/4 - Max Scherzer vs Brandon McCarthy | Avg. Price: $130.69 | Get-in Price: $17

Brandon McCarthy will make his fifth start for the Yankees Monday night and will have his work cut out for him against All-Star Max Scherzer, who has continued his dominance after winning the AL Cy Young Award last season. The average secondary price for Monday Yankees vs Tigers tickets Is $130.69, the most expensive game of the series but 3.76% below season average. The get-in price for Monday's game is $17. McCarthy has recorded wins in three of his first four starts as a Yankee and holds a 2.55 ERA in pinstripes. Scherzer has also excelled in recent starts, posting back-to-back wins in his final two starts in July. The Tigers ace hasn’t lost since June 17 against the Royals and will look to extend his streak in the Bronx when he gets the nod tonight. The Yankees will also offer a Back-to-School Set to the first 18,000 guests 14 and younger in the series opener.

8/5 - David Price vs Hiroki Kuroda | Avg. Price: $101.25 | Get-in Price: $10

Midseason Starting Pitcher Betting Report Card

A baseball betting metric that many enthusiasts overlook is the profit or loss figures of each individual starting pitcher. One of the real advantages of baseball as a betting sport is the ability to benefit from moneyline underdogs. If you play moneyline underdogs you don’t even need to hit 50% winners to turn a profit. Just as we look for undervalued and overvalued teams based on their moneyline profit and loss performance we can do the same thing with pitchers. If you want to learn about basics of baseball betting, then check this page.

A mistake that some bettors make is to simply look for profitable pitchers to bet on or unprofitable pitchers to bet against. A more effective strategy is to use these figures to find undervalued and overvalued starting pitchers. Frequently a big name pitcher will have a net unit loss despite a solid win/loss record. The reason for this should be obvious—every time he takes the mound he’s laying a big chalk price. It only takes a few losses in this price range to negate a decent amount of wins.

Finding overvalued starting pitchers to bet against is good information in itself but an even better wagering tool is finding undervalued starters to back. This is done in just the opposite manner—looking for lower profile pitchers with a track record of profits. This type of pitcher is much more common than you might think and for the same reason there’s big name ‘go against’ pitchers—only in reverse. A lower profile pitcher might frequently be available as a moneyline underdog meaning that even a .500 record will equate to betting profits in baseball.

A-Rod respect video parody

Snoozer sues

It’s said that one of the biggest, ; if not the biggest biggest, human fear is that of public humiliation. This is why we all fear standing in front of an audience and giving a speech; deep down, it’s the fear that we willmay somehow mess up and make a complete fool of ourselves that causes the deep anxiety.

And it seems that one baseball fan’s worst fears have been realised. Understandably, he isn’t at all happy about it – and he’s decided to sue everyone involved in the incident – which saw him caught on camera napping at the Yankees vs. Red Sox game in April - for the princely sum of ten million dollars!

Andrew Robert Rector has decided to sue Major League Baseball, as well as ESPN and the two sports announcers John Kruk and Dan Shulman for defamation of character. Mr Rector claims the sports-casters defamed him by calling him names including ‘fatty’ and describing him as ‘unintelligent’ - . And this is simply because he fell asleep at the baseball game!in April. during a Yankees vs. Red Sox game – and was caught on camera whilst napping.

This caused a great deal of mirth from the announcers and, no doubt, the viewers. But for Mr Rector – this was highly embarrassing and he clearly feels he was
made to suffer public humiliation completely unjustifiably.

So Mr Rector has officially sued both Dan Shulman and John Kruk of ESPN in the Bronx Supreme Court. He accuses the commentators of making him the subject of an “un-ending verbal crusade” when the TV cameras spotted him asleep at April 13th’s rivalry game.

Mr Rector’s lawsuit states that millions of people around the world were watching when the two sports-casters gave him the verbal work-over through a veritable avalanche of disparaging words, which included the words likes of stupor, fatty, stupid and unintelligent. Of course, Mr Rector was blissfully unaware of this until after the game.

Wait. I thought Mattingly was the Dodger's Manager. Why is he stuffing his face at Yankee Stadium?

Check out this spunky 92 year old

Yankees trade rumors


What are the Yankees going to do? Will they trade for anyone?

They need a pitcher, because apparently going into the season with 5 solid starters wasn't enough. They need a 2nd baseman and 3rd baseman that can produce on a day to day basis. Is that too much to ask for? Apparently so.

The rumor mill is buzzing. Firstly, the Yankees are looking at David Price. Can he be the answer they are looking for to fill the rotation? Who knows. Early on we heard grumblings from him over not wanting to shave facial hair. He can barely grow a beard as it is.

There is Jason Hammel. He is having a strong year currently at 6-5 with a 2.99 ERA. I like the looks of that. The Phillies are putting a few bums up on the chopping block supposedly too.

I even heard the name Bronson Arroyo being tossed around as another option. Seeing that i just read an article that he can barely throw 80 MPH anymore, I am not sure if he would be the answer.

What about the hitters? Are there any out there? Wait, let me back up... Brian McCann. What the F***. Is this guy not the biggest bust that you have seen? Beltran has been hurt so I can understand that, but McCann is a mess. Makes you want Cervelli back. Steroids and all.

No one knows what the Yankees are planning on doing, but everyone agrees that they have a bunch of holes to fill. You can see the odds at allpro Any other ideas are just guesses at this point.

Good luck Yankees on your series with the socks. Will the rivalry finally get some buzz? We hope so.

The New York Yankees are on the West Coast

The New York Yankees will travel to the West Coast today to play what is arguably the best team in the American League this season, the Oakland Athletics. The Yankees enter this three game series with Oakland at a record of 34-31 while the A’s are an impressive 40-26 thus far and have scored the second most runs this season.

When Oakland plays New York tonight it will be for their second most expensive game of the season at the Overstock.com Coliseum. In fact each the three games the Athletics play against the Bronx Bombers rank among the seven priciest games on the Athletics schedule. For the season the Athletics average $70.48 for tickets at home but as a testament to the Yankees star power and huge fan base will see tickets increase by anywhere from $38 to $69 to give the series a premium of 67.8% above normal ticket prices.

Athletics vs Yankees tickets for tonight's game are going for the most of the three game series and will feature post game fireworks. Fans looking to attend this will find tickets in the neighborhood of $139 even after trending down by 10% over the past seven days with the other two games going for $104 and $119 respectively to round out the series.

Fat Jeter shows up to the game

A Sorry State Of Affairs In AL East

A Sorry State Of Affairs In AL East

Often labelled the strongest league in Major League Baseball, the American League East has gotten off to a slow start in the 2014 season. As of Monday, May 5th, the New York Yankees lead the way with a 16-14 record, a record that would have seen them in fourth place in the division at the same stage last season.

There is also the fact that the Toronto Blue Jays in last place with a 14-17 record are just 2.5 games back from first, a stat that is almost unheard of in this league. Even more shockingly, only five teams in the whole of Major League Baseball have a worse record than the Blue Jays, despite them being less than three games from the lead in their division.

In a division usually crammed with teams piling up the wins, the division leading Yankees have a worse record than ANY other league leading team in the MLB. Finally, in an end to the bizarre stat line, every team apart from the Blue Jays has a negative run differential; and that Blue Jays’ run differential? Zero. Despite this, the Yankees still have the talent to be one of the favorites with http://www.bettingsports.com/ to win the World Series this season.

What is Wrong?

No one will deny that April was a difficult month for the teams of the AL East. In between battling inclement weather conditions, injuries and having new players get used to things, teams have also yet to truly recover from some off season moves.

Since leading the league in runs last season, the current defending World Series champion Boston Red Sox sit tied for tenth place in the majors. This may come as no surprise, as Boston lost arguably their best player in Jacoby Ellsbury, with Grady Sizemore proving, with an average April, that he is simply not of the same standard.

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