Call me Tammy?

Tom Brady is a spokesman for UGGs.Is he now transitioning too?

Since he wears girlie boots, does that mean he has to sport girlie hairstyles?

We talked to Franz Pittles, a hairstylist to get the scoop.

"Oh my my my. What is on his head? He clearly crosses the line of being not so fabulous. That style doesn't go with those shoes. Someone please bring me a hand fan, I am overheating over here." said Franz who loves Broadway shows and eating pints of ice cream.

So his hairstyles aren't in style?

"He needs some spritz and some tips for his tips. I would need at least a day with him to highlight his highlights, curl this, perm that and have a talk with him about what dresses to wear." he added.

Call me Tammy? We will see.

NY Yankees

Going to Yankees Stadium is a treat beyond seeing a baseball game. For out of town fans coming in for the weekend for the Yankees-Tigers series, make your travel easier by using to reserve any one of the thousand New York City flights. Enjoy the whole weekend series by booking New York City hotels through Hipmunk as well.

Fan wants healthier choices at the stadium.

Parker Willis has been eating hotdogs for years. He loves the taste of nitrates and especially loves how lean and healthy they are.

"I fear of the day when hotdogs will be genetically modified and that scares me. Who knows what they will put into hotdogs when that happens? I mean, I want to eat healthy. I fear that if I am watching a game, I will be eating garbage." said Parker as he sipped on a bucket of soda.

Hotdogs are currently made up of a bunch of mystery meats and anything else you can find on the floor. If they are genetically modified, could they get any worse?

"I wake up in the morning and walk around the house crop dusting my family with my gas. When I am done doing that, I boil myself a hotdog, drink the water and am on my way. It makes me feel good about myself and I like that." added Parker who was clutching his heart.

GMO's have been the cats meow lately in the food industry. It is only a matter of time before they find out that they do some damage.

"That's what I have been saying. Let hotdogs just be healthy, like they are now. I like to just throw my cigarette butts on the ground and act like it isn't littering. I am too busy to find an ashtray to throw them out at."

What do think about food with GMO's?

Miami Marlins

Traveling to Miami isn’t too bad, and watching Giancarlo Stanton play in person isn't too bad either. Do both the next time Yankees play the Marlins by reserving flights to Miami through Whether enjoying multiple games in the series or the Miami sun, Hipmunk has hotels in Miami that can be booked as well, making it the No. 1 travel resource for any baseball fan.

Two AL Powerhouses Collide At Yankee Stadium This Weekend With Great Value on Tickets

The New York Yankees’ battle for the top spot in the AL East continues on June 19, as they welcome the Detroit Tigers to town and try to get back ahead of the pesky Tampa Bay Rays. Doing so could be easier said than done, as the Tigers have been a solid, balanced team so far during the 2015 MLB season and got even stronger recently with the return of one of their top starting pitchers, Justin Verlander.

Both the Yankees and Tigers have tremendous arms to lean on within their rotations, and both also possess a powerful, slugging offense. Mark Teixeira remains near the top of the league with 18 home runs, while the Yanks keep getting solid production out of the likes of Alex Rodriguez, Brett Gardner and Brian McCann. Detroit’s been just as effective at the plate, led, as usual, by Miguel Cabrera
(.344, 14 HRs and 47 RBI). Outfielders J.D. Martinez and Yoenis Cespedes have also contributed steady production. If Detroit’s bats remain as potent at Yankee Stadium for this three-game set, they very well could steal the series.

Despite the star power involved here, and the odds of this being a really good matchup, Yankees tickets don’t see a spike for this series, as fans can hit up the opener for just $76.98 on average ($14 for the cheap seats), according to TiqIQ. In the following contest, Yankees and Tigers tickets are higher for game two ($88.22 on average), but even then they’re merely half the price of New York’s season average ($166.53), and just $4 more than Tigers tickets usually are. Most likely, the middle game will sustain its status as the most expensive game of the series, also featuring the annual Old Timers’ Day.

Game three is what it’s all about, as a tight series should be decided in the third and final game, when Yankees tickets are still a serious value at just $73.64 on average, and $16 to get in the door. This series finale occurs on Father’s Day, when the Yankees will also be hosting a cool promotion

$11 Seats Available for Tomorrow's Yankees Series Finale Against Royals

Talks about the slumping Yankees offense can be put aside for now, as the team smacked five home runs, en route to a blowout victory against the Kansas City Royals on Memorial Day.

The 14-1 victory snapped a six-game losing streak that began against the Royals on May 17. After losing two games to the Washington Nationals, the Yankees were swept in a three-game set at home by the Texas Rangers before winning the opener against the Royals yesterday.

After the middle game of the series tonight, and MasterCard have combined to create the most affordable Yankees tickets for the series finale on May 27. Grandstand level and bleacher seats are $11 for the day game that has a scheduled 1:05 p.m. first pitch. has created the most affordable option for the game, as the average ticket price on the secondary market is $76.06.

Aside from grandstand and bleacher level seats, has better prices for Wednesday’s game in the 100 and 200-level seating area as well. A seat in Section 106, Row 10 on is $110, compared to a $187 ticket in Section 106, Row 24 on the secondary ticketing market. For 200-level seating, a ticket for Section 215, Row 11 cost $155 on, while a similar ticket in Section 215, Row 15 costs $258 on the secondary market.

The 14 runs scored were tied for the most the Yankees have put on the scoreboard all season. On April 12, the Yankees put up 14 against the division rival Boston Red Sox, including a seven-run first inning. Yesterday, the Bronx Bombers put up an eight-spot in the first inning that included three of the team’s five home runs.

Time for Sabathia to shine

It has taken long enough this season but Monday's 11-5 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays
finally saw CC Sabathia credited with his first win of the season. Having begun the campaign
with five straight losses, the worst record in the league, Sabathia's confidence as a starting
pitcher will have taken a battering in recent months. But, with plenty of time to go in the
season, the 34-year-old could still come good if he is given the opportunity.

Much to Achieve

Thankfully for the Yankees, the likes of Masahiro Tanaka, Nathan Eovaldi and Michael
Pineda have been producing the goods at Yankee Stadium this season and Joe Girardi's side
find themselves top of the American League East. Having finished second in the AL East
behind the Baltimore Orioles last season and failed to make the playoffs as a wildcard,
Yankees fans will know that they still have much to achieve if they are to cement their
position amongst the betfair favorites for the World Series. They will be desperate for
Sabathia to rediscover his best form.

by Keith Allison

Batting Stats
Despite the stats painting a damning picture of Sabathia's season, there are a few
considerations that should be taken into account before he is written out of the Yankees line-
up all together. First, a pitcher can do little about his side's batting ability. In Sabathia's case,
he has often found himself playing on occasions when the Yankees’ batsmen have failed to
deliver the goods. It is worth noting that prior to Monday's win, the Yankees offense had
averaged just 2.6 runs per game in the games that Sabathia pitched. In those games in which

Yankees and Rays Clash in AL East Battle Starting on Monday

The New York Yankees will begin their first home series of 2015 with the fellow AL East division tenant Tampa Bay Rays on April 27, reigniting a rivalry that went down to the wire a year ago in terms of head-to-head competition. Both teams have been playing around .500 baseball to this point and could use this series to vault them ahead of the Boston Red Sox, who sit atop the AL East. The Yanks have had a slow start at Yankee Stadium this year as well, and would love to win a series here over the Rays to return to their winning ways at home.

In addition to a heated rivalry, baseball fans are getting some awesome value when this series gets started, as they can purchase select Yankees tickets for just $5 in the Bleachers, Grandstand Level or the Terrace Level. The catch? You just have to use your MasterCard. All fans have to do is log on to and use their MasterCardto get a discount on the cheap seats for the series opener on the 27th and again on the 28th. Yankees tickets start out at $55.04 on average for game one on the secondary market, and rise up over the next two games at $64.64 and $65.69, so fans taking advantage of this MasterCard deal are saving a ton of cash and still get to see one of the more intriguing Yankees series of the season.

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Is it too early to start planning your All Star Game party?

For sports lovers, there can be nothing better than getting together and watching a match, so what is
the best way of doing this and making sure it is fun for all involved? For basketball lovers, the answer
is simple: host an All Star Game party in your home.

When to begin

To ensure a good turnout for your party, it is vital that you plan well in advance. Leave it to the last
minute and you will find that people have made other arrangements and will not be able to attend.
Once you know the exact date of the All Star Game, begin making a guest list and send out your
invitations. If you want to make the date even more special and memorable, state on your invitations
that your guests should come dressed in appropriate sporting clothing.

The food

One thing that can really take the joy out of holding a party is the catering aspect, and if you do not
want to spend the entire duration of your party in the kitchen, work out a menu that can be prepared in
advance and simply brought out of the fridge once the guests arrive. Plan the party menu with the rest
of your family and get everyone involved in its preparation.A buffet or an array of finger food is the
perfect menu for a party, with a barbecue as an acceptable alternative, although it does mean that
someone has to man the cooking area. Go shopping a few days ahead of the party and buy food to prepare
salads, as well as potato chips and meat that can be eaten cold. If you do want to serve hot food,
dig out your crock-pot and make a couple of batches of chili con carne, pasta sauce or a casserole that
can just be warmed up. Do not forget the drinks. Stock up on beers and wines, but do not worry too much
about spirits.

Watching the game

Of course, the main event of your party will be the watching of the game, so you need to ensure
that everyone has a good view of the television. A good TV set up is essential for a successful All

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Health Will Be Key For Yankees

The last couple of seasons have not really gone the way many people expect
for the New York Yankees. Realistic or not, there are many who think that
New York should be competing for a World Series title every single year. It
obviously does not work like that all the time, and New York seems to be
going through a tough period right now. With that being said, a healthy
roster in 2015 could go a long way towards helping them get back on track.
When you look at the starting rotation for the New York Yankees on paper,
it really does not look that badly. However, factoring in injury issues could
start to make people worry. Masahiro Tanaka was having a terrific rookie
season before having some arm issues late in the year. They shut him down
and avoided Tommy John surgery for the time being, and fantasy baseball
owners hope that was just a minor thing.

CC Sabathia has obviously seen better days, but he can still be effective if he
is healthy. The same goes for Michael Pineda, but he just can’t seem to catch
a break. New York right now has Nathan Eovaldi and Chris Capuano as
newcomers who will be able to step into the rotation. If they are both solid
and fantasy baseball, they will compete in the American League East.
Health is also a concern for the everyday lineup. They have veterans all over
the place on the roster, and it could be difficult for them to avoid a lot of
major injuries. Guys like Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, Carlos Beltran and
even Brian McCann have been banged up, but they will be looking for a
little bit of magic in 2015.

The American League East might not be as dominant as it has been in the
past, but there are still some pretty good teams in that division. New York
might be slightly improved from 2014, but it will not be enough to put
themselves in a serious discussion for a World Series bid.

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