Youkilis left Joba waiting by the phone?

It has just been reported that Joba Chamberlain reached out to Kevin Youkilis, but Youk never returned his calls. Perhaps, Youkilis wasn't interested in talking about how Joba used to throw 100 mph fastballs at his head. How selfish.

Joba on reaching out to Youkilis:

“He didn’t call me back.”

“I’m bound to run into him at some point,” Chamberlain said. “Sooner rather than later, I’m assuming. So we’ll see what happens.”

Perhaps when he does run into him, he will greet him with a bat across his face. Who knows?

In all seriousness though.. Youkilis has to earn the respect of the Yankee fans and to act like a big baby isn't going to do it. Sure Joba threw fastballs at his bald dome. Sure he could have hurt him bad. Get over it. Call Joba back. Skype with him. Send him a tweet. Something.

This could get interesting.