Yankees send scout to a 70 year olds and over Bingo Hall in hopes of finding some talent

The Yankee moves this off season have been pretty boring. We signed a couple of older folks back, Youkilis and that is about it. What are the Yankees planning on doing next?

We heard a rumor that Cashman sent a scout out to a local bingo hall to muster up some talent.

"He is looking to get some older wiser guys on the team for cheap. I for one think it is great and smart. Just like me." said Bumpsy Oster of Madison county.

We are not sure what Cashman will find, but we bet it is some great players.

"The Yankees need to get older. That is the only way they are going to win." added Bumpsy, who thinks Raul Ibanez is the only reason the Yankees made it to the playoffs.

With the Yankees average age around 57, will the scout find more older talent? We will have to wait and stay tuned.