Yankees re-sign the birthday boy Mariano Rivera

Yankees and closer Mariano Rivera come to a deal that would send Mo back out on the mound for one more year. It has been reported that the deal is 10 million for 1 year plus incentives.

It is making a lot of fans happy. Just ask Cooper Pots of Rochester NY.

"Are you serious? That is freaking awesome. Instead of meeting my wife and two kids for dinner, I am going to go the bar instead without telling them." said Pots

Another fan had a different reaction. He fainted and started shaking like a fish out of water. When he came back to reality he talked..

"Wow, the news just ran right through me like a train. I honestly don't usually pee my pants, but this was kind of a special occasion." said Frank Paddles a retired golf ball finder.

With all of the Yankees signings lately, they may want to consider looking for guys that aren't 100 years old. Don't get us wrong, We are huge Pettitte, Rivera, Jeter, A-Rod, Ibanez, Kuroda and other oldie fans, but we need to get a wee bit younger.

Who is next on the list?