Yankees fan applies for vacant Pope position

With the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican is searching for a replacement. Many qualified applicants are being looked at.

One non-qualified applicant is Louie "The Truth" Figgerello, a lifelong Yankees fan and Bronx resident.

"Man I recognize the need for youth." Louie told our reporter. Pope Benedict XVI is 86 and became the first Pope in 600 years to resign due to age. Louie is 24.

"I used to be hard core, you know it. Did me a stint at Rikers. Found God and all that stuff. Now I know how to play the game. They talkin' to Cardinals. Thats BS! They need to be talkin' to Yankees feel me?"

We asked Louie why he'd make a good pope.

"I'd look dope in them crazy hats you know it!"

Louie is probably at the bottom of the list, but should the Vatican call, we'll let you know.