Yankees fan: After hearing about the python contest, I think we need a rat contest in the Subway to Yankee Stadium

When Theodore Jenkins was watching TV yesterday, he got an idea.

"I was watching the television set yesterday and got an idea. The news was showing the python contest in Florida. They were catching pythons in hopes to bring down the population."

Pythons are breeding out of control in the Everglades and the state decided to hold a contest to capture as many pythons as possible. That gave Theodore an idea.

"What if we, wait for it...wait for it, what if we were to hold a rat contest in the subway system. Every time I ride the 4 train up to Yankee Stadium, I see a bunch of rats in the subway. We need to control that population too." he added

At this point Theodore explained his idea.

"I will dress up like a rat and walk through the subway tunnels. When they least expect it. Wham! I will get them. My idea is full proof." he said.

We haven't heard if Michael Bloomberg will have this contest, but we will keep you posted.