Yankees Expecting Rivera To Take Pay Cut

By SBRForum.com

The New York Yankees played most of the 2012 season without their star closer Mariano Rivera. While he’s made the Yankees aware that he wants to be back for the 2013 season, the team is expecting to ask him to take a pay cut.

Experts making their MLB picks are speculating that the Yankees will offer him about $10 million for next season, which is a significant dip from the $15 million he earned in 2012. The 42-year-old closer is coming off of significant knee surgery that cost him the entire season, so the Yankees feel they can get a bit of a discount. Also, the team seems to have plenty of leverage as he’s very unlikely to play or sign anywhere else.

$10 million seems quite fair for Rivera given his age and situation. While he was still very effective in his limited time this season, the reality is that he’s 42-years-old and past his prime. Coming off a significant knee injury is also likely to weigh on his performance, so it’s not as if the team are getting the closer in peak shape.

Rivera might feel a little irked, though, as the team did just offer Rafael Soriano a one-year, $13.3 million contract. While he’s likely to decline in favor of a more long term deal, it just wouldn’t be exactly right if the Yanks had Rivera on their roster while making less than Soriano.

It might just come down to egos. Rivera should be happy with $10 million, a chance to play one more season with the Yankees and another chance to win a World Series ring. Those last points might be very important as Rivera would love to finish his career in New York and few other teams can offer him a definite shot at winning a title.