Yankees consider using fake catcher for the season?

It is pretty obvious that the Yankees really don't have a good catching option for 2013. Cashman is stingy and hasn't opened up the Yankees wallet to add one and he has been looking for ways to cut down the payroll. It appears that he found a way to do it. Meet Mr. Catcher. He is a fake catcher that costs less than one hundred dollars. Kids use Mr. Catcher to catch and block balls so they don't go rolling down the street.

Could it work to stop a pitch from a major league pitcher?

"I think Cashman is using his head. Today's catchers are at least $400,000 dollars a year. The fake catcher is $89.99 dollars one time and you get to keep it. That is a savings of over a lot of money per year." said the owner and man who manufactures it.

Would the catcher hold up during the season we wondered?

"Most definitely." said the owner and man who manufactures it. "I think everyone in the world should own one. Got crops? Put one of them near your crops, it will scare crows away. Going to be home alone? Put it in your house, it will scare burglars away. You can use it for just about anything."

Bud Selig is yet to answer our calls. Probably because we haven't really called him.... We wonder if the league would actually allow this.

"Most definitely." added the owner and man who manufactures it. "Why wouldn't they?"

The man who owns and manufactures it brings up a great point. We will see how it shakes out.