Yankee fans prefer getting coal in stocking over Matt Diaz, says latest poll

After hearing that the Yankees signed Matt Diaz, we decided to take a poll of what Yankee fans thought of the signing. In 2012, Matt Diaz hit a miserable .222 with 2 HR's and 13 RBI's. His excuse in 2012 was that he didn't play much. Don't worry though. He also sucked in 2011 when he hit in the .260's with no HR's.

So why did the Yankees sign him? We have no idea...but we do know what fans think.

"I would rather get coal on Christmas than get that loser." said teddy bear kiosk worker Freddy Stuffing.

"What is the point of getting that loser?" said Ian Daniels, a mall security guard's assistant.

With all of the wonderful responses, we totaled up the votes.

The overwhelming majority of people said the would rather receive coal on Christmas than get Matt Diaz.

Good luck Matt.