Yankee fan: I feel cheated. Arod took steroids last year and was still that terrible?

People are starting to respond to the news that Alex Rodriguez was linked to a new report about PED use. Just when you thought he may be cleaning up his act, he goes out and makes a complete ass out of himself.

Yankee fan Joey Biggelsworth responded to the news with a baffled/ angry tone.

"Are you kidding me? He took steroids last year and was that bad? Are you kidding me? If you are going to be a complete and utter moron, at least play well. Are you kidding me?" added Joey.

We are just as baffled as Bigglesworth. What idiot would risk public humiliation to get caught again for the same foolery that he tried talking his way out of a few years ago.

"These players are just idiots. There really isn't much else to say. Anyone who gets involved with the same physician as Melky Cabrera is asking for it." added Joey.

Melky has always been known to have his share of issues. It is rumored that his mommy had to move in with him early in his career with the Yankees, because he didn't know how to control his party habits.

"His mommy? Oh boy." said Joey.

But is Alex a moron? Probably... He did get himself a huge contract though by cheating. Was it worth it?

We are not sure what will come out of this, but everyone at Bronx Goblin is happy that we have some new material to comment on.