Winter of our discontent

Bad luck when I visited the Yogi Berra museum (he wasn't there), but it's only a twenty odd minute drive for me and no tolls!

Situated at the Northern end of the Montclair St. U. campus, it is easily reachable via Lincoln Tunnel to NJ 3 West to where it tries to merge with US 46 West (where there is also an exit for Valley Rd. North, but if you are patient and wait until it is safe to enter immediately into the left lane, there is a U-turn right there for Valley Rd. South. (The exit is actually in the town of Little Falls, NJ.)

Going south for about 1000 feet is a gentle veer off to the right onto Montclair St U. campus. There is a formidable hill such that the road turns right almost back on itself (like railroad switchbacks) so that it may climb the elevation where it turns back South again at the top of the hill.

The museum is right there in front of you (on the right) while the attending parking lot is on the left. Right behind the museum is Yogi Berra Field (where the College team plays, and where the NJ Jackals of the Can-Am league also play). Old timers should get goosebumps looking at such a rich treasure of Baseball Americana, enhanced if by chance you should see Yogi there.

But that wasn't my discontent - I heard about this year's World Baseball tournament (which will obviously not see Derek) - he knows what dedication is, and he is recovering from his foot injury and also recovering from the media crap-storm about his weight, which is just fine. But Andy Pettitte (team low era in 2012) and Mark Teixeira will be named to the team, depleting them of much needed? physical workouts in what should be Andy's valedictory season and Mark's necessary "rebound" season. Add to that the Japan trip from young Mr. Granderson, and I worry that such an "old" team is merely getting older as management tries to pare the payroll down to second rate contender levels. (And for fans of Joe Torre - word has it he will manage team USA. I look forward to seeing him.)

The BBWAA has expressed ITS discontent with the needles gang - so A-Rod fans better steel themselves for the final nail when he retires + 5.

Giants and Jets crashed and burned.

Magic trying to copy George and load up on talent - I actually applaud that - we need more people like George to make cheapskate owners regret their personal greed (or incompetence).

I am personally not sad to see Mr. Non-October take his act to a more official Loserville. How long before he tries to re-activate the "no longer funny" shaving cream facials? Oh, wait! First you need to get a walk off (not a cart off) game winner. That should be hard enough.

In NY, don't forget, the only game winner worth that kind of celebration is the Wold Series clincher ... or any such game vs the Red Sox!

Finally this week, Alex goes under the knife (16th). Don't expect him back much before August, and if Youk hits like he knows he can, then Alex becomes DH exclusively.

Lastly (for this short article), Yogi now has a Twitter account, which I'm sure will be ghost written, except for a few tidbits of his own.

They rejected my suggestion to call it "L8early". Instead, he is - @Yogi_Museum . Almost 9000 followers since the announcement last week. Be one of them, but expect Jack Curry to ghost some tweets.

And what uniform number was Yogi wearing when he hit the first pinch homer in World Series history (not 8)?

Hint - Those who remember "the Major" will know this number.