Why would the Yankees sign Playboy mogul Travis Hefner?

Ladies and Gentleman, the Yankees have signed another player.

In one of the most stunning signings so far, The New York Yankees signed the creator of Playboy Mr. Travis Hefner. Travis is 80 something years hold, still wears a velvet smokers robe and has a few playmates who pretend to like him. Of course, the playmates insist they are in love with the wilted old man, but everyone but him realize they just want his money or a chance at fame...

So what do the fans think of this? What are the MLB Betting Odds he would do well? We turned to Chavez Phelps.

"I think they signed Travis Hafner, not Hugh Hefner." said Phelps.

Well it looks like one fan doesn't know what he is talking about... anyway where were we. Travis Hefner should wrap up his career and call it a day. At his age, he probably would need a viagra to swing his bat.

"They signed Travis Hafner from the Indians... Not the old guy who has the loser playmates."

After thinking about if for the next two minutes, we realized it was in fact Travis Hafner and not Hugh Hefner. Our mistake.

So what do you think about it? Check Back to ESPN for baseball updates.