Undecided voter chats nonsense

Undecided Ohio voter Chaz Steven's was up all night trying to figure out who to vote for. Chaz believes in gay marriage between dogs and that men should be able to have an abortion if raped. He also believes that the rich should have a tax break even though he is in the middle class and wants driving while eating candy to be banned.

"On the one hand you got Obama and on the other hand you got Mitt.I don't know what to do. I am a moron." said Stevens

Chaz had similar problems voting in last year's All Star game too.

"I wanted A-Rod at 3rd base, but he was terrible. I didn't know who to vote for. I am a complete idiot." added Chaz "All I know is that fish should have equal pay for the same jobs as humans."

People like Chaz make up the "swing states" and unfortunately end up choosing who will be elected as President. If you don't know by now who you are going to vote for, then you can throw in the towel.