Top 10 ways you know you are a terrible Yankees fan

Number ten, you think Bonds, Sosa and McGuire are dirty cheats but Clemens is an "all natural" hardworking ‘nice guy’

Number nine despite a dreadful economy, you think a 200 million dollar payroll isn’t nearly enough

Number eight, you think Yankee Stadium should have a sponsored name like Hostess Park

Number seven you rely on the argument that the Yankees won 27 world championships even though you weren’t alive for 20 of them.

Number six you spend 3 hrs in the parking lot tailgating, only to make it into the stadium in the 6th inning with a beer in your hand spilling all over and you keep asking everyone what has happened in the game so far.

Number five, you wear shirts with tough guy sayings like Buck Foston, but can't back any of it up if you had to fight.

Number four, you are over the age of 14, but insist on bringing your baseball glove while sitting in the upper deck (by carlos at tforge corp).

Number three, you think A-Rod is a clutch hitter.

Number Two, you do the wave and while your doing it, realize you have missed most of the game.

and the Number One reason you are a terrible Yankees fan... You only know Bernie Williams as that guy who plays the guitar and has his own Jazz CD.

(Band starts playing)