Top 10 things that scare Yankee fans on Halloween

The top 10 things that scare Yankee fans.

Number 10-ARod holding a bat in October. Scarier than Jason Voorhies coming at ya with a big old axe

Number 9- Granderson's inability to make contact with the ball

Number 8- A-Rod's remaining contract

Number 7- The Yankees play during the playoffs

Number 6-Joba Chamberlain's mom getting released from prison

Number 5- The price of beer at The Stadium

Number 4- CC's waistline if he falls off the wagon in the off season

Number 3- A ground ball hit to Eduardo Nunez

Number 2- Swisher's bottom inner lip after 30 years of chewing tobacco

And the Number 1 thing that scares Yankee fans is...... No one knows who the catcher is going to be in 2013