Tobacco salesman not happy that Swisher is leaving Yankees

Joe Chewski of the Bronx makes a great living off of baseball player's chewing tobacco and now that players are cutting down he isn't too happy.

"Tobacca is good for ya." said Joe, who had dentures put in last month.

It is rumored that with the departure of Nick Swisher, Joe feels that his business will go down.

"Swisher chews tobacca. I sell tobacca. If Swisher ain't here to buy tobacca, then it gives me less of a chance to sell tobacca to em." added Chewski who doesn't even know if Swisher buys any tobacco from his store.

We don't know where Swisher buys his tobacco, but I am guessing it isn't from anywhere near Chewski's store.

"Who the heck knows. I had that guy from the God Father movies buy a pack of cigarettes back in the 70's. The guy played an extra in the movie. Remember that scene where a you can see a guy's arm? That was the guy."

We couldn't recall the exact scene that Chewski was referring to, but I am sure it was a good one.

Who will Swisher be playing for next year?

Any bets?