Tips for affording tickets to see your favorite sports team play

Tips for Affording Tickets to See Your Favorite Sports Team Play

We all love sports and we all want to see our favorite teams play when they’re in town. Unfortunately, the cost of seeing the best teams do their thing seems to be going up and up,

and there’s going to be no end to that in the future. It has left many people being unable to see their favorite teams at all. We’re going to leave you with some smart tips for how to afford tickets to see your favorite sports team play.

Pay for Your Other Expenses with Help

The chances are a lot of your money is going towards other things. Give yourself some breathing space by taking out home improvement loans. These will help you deal with the expenses you can’t ignore, whilst freeing up some of your cash in the short-term for seeing your favorite sports teams.

Always Buy Official

There are two types of official ticket seller. First of all, you have the team ticket office. This is the standard price you can expect to pay. There are also many local websites where fans with spare tickets can sell to other fans to make some of their money back. Typically, buying a ticket second-hand is much cheaper. It’s hit and miss and the chances are
you won’t get tickets to the big games of the year by going through with this option. But never buy from unofficial sources.

1. You don’t know who these people are and you don’t know whether the tickets they’re selling are real.

2. You’ll nearly always have to pay a premium. It will be far more expensive to buy from these pushers.

Budget for It

You’ve got practically the same number of games every year and there is rarely any major hike in prices. You already know roughly how much it will cost you to see your favorite
sports team play. That’s where budgeting comes in. Prepare in advance. Save during the off-season. It’s easy to budget. Take the amount you need for the tickets you want, see how much you can put aside every month, and just do it. The off-season is the ideal time for this because you have a long head start. Sports like the NFL give you a whole seven months to save for those tickets.

Share a Season Ticket

Another option is to share your season ticket. Find someone else who doesn’t mind missing the occasional home game and split the cost. There’s nothing that says a person can’t use
someone else’s season ticket to go to a game. The teams don’t care. The seat is paid for and only one person will have their butt in it come the start of the game.


Saving for sports tickets is a long endeavor for many poorer families, and even many middle class families who’re contending with Obamacare and higher mortgage payments With some advance planning, you can overcome these hurdles and see your favorite sports teams in action. If you’re committed to it, you should have no problem achieving your savings goals.