Thar She Blows!

All during 2012, we were treated(?) to warnings from the media (mostly YES TV) about this storm called the Yankees, and how with their thunderous bats, the entirety of MLB should just concede the trophy to them.

With hurricane like killers Alex, Robinson, Nick (Nick nick bo bick, bonana fana fo fick, fe fi mo Mick ..Nick! .. from an actual radio song called "The Name Game"). It also helped generate the popular phrase "The Blame Game".

It's hard to imagine anything or anyone blowing worse than the Yankee did, this October. But then so did the Detroit Tigers. (I am not a doctor but it seems like the Tigers caught the same bug that befell the Yankees.)

Forget the "at em" balls and the crazy bounces, the Tigers were certainly victims of circumstance, even before the series began.

That five day wait was bad enough, but they couldn't even avoid the dreaded jet lag by going early to the city where the series would open because they didn't even know what city that would be until the 40th hour before the game! (Not that the Giants didn't have the same travel situation, but they weren't "rusty"!)

Mr. Verlander (Zoolander?) and all his greatness (MVP?) has proven to be the World Series version of this year's Yankee failures. Add Prince (poppycock?) Fielder to that stupor, too!

The only thing we fans can truly take away from this season's near tragic ending - is that the operations on Derek and CC were both successful and their prognoses, good.

Now, on a more serious note, hurricane Sandy punctuated the month with a storm unlike any other in our (tri-state area) recorded history.

It was the confluence of the armageddon-like worst case scenario: A cold front and a hurricane crashing together to form a super nor-easter, and in the process, after the hurricane reached colder waters and dropped to a tropical storm, the cold front smacked it back up to hurricane, where it became an extra-tropical storm, the size of which boggles the mind.

After seeing pictures of devastated cities like Galveston (farther in the past), New Orleans, and Homestead Florida, I can see how serious these storms really were.

And for people FROM those prone areas, if we sound like we're moaning over a simple Cat 1 storm (which normally doesn't compare to the Cat 4's they suffered through), this confluence is EXACTLY like two different Cat 1's merging together! A nor-easter is a cold water version of a hurricane, rain-wise, without the wind, and Sandy furnished the wind and the unprecedented storm surges!

My late grandmother was born before Babe Ruth, and this storm would have been the worst she had ever faced.

After the storm passes and the waters go down, there will be new denizens to find in the sewer system, not just the gators, Tigers, and of course, the 2012 Yankees!