Is Swisher close to kissing Cashman and the Yankees goodbye?

It looks as if Swisher is getting closer and closer to kissing the Yankees goodbye. Apparently Swisher was swept off of his feet by the Cleveland Indians as he hopped on a plane to go have dinner with them.

"He has to be excited. I heard he screamed like a girl when he heard they were interested in him." said Lance Bakery of New Paltz.

And how could he not be interested. The Indians were 68-94 last year and have zero chance at winning in 2013.

"He just has that tingle in his belly. I think he is in love." added Lance who unsuccessfully started a dating site for cats. "I see it in his eyes."

Rumor has it that the night will start off with some spaghetti and meatballs at Olive Garden, followed by dancing at a club called Quigley's and then finish with a cup of coco at Dunkin Donuts.

"Sounds magical." added Lance who wants someone to hug during the holidays.

We believe a decision will be coming soon for Swisher.