Swisher and Joanna Garcia are having a baby and we have a picture of what we think he/she will look like

Congratulations to Nick Swisher and Joanna Garcia on the news that they are expecting their first baby!

Just like many parents, they will probably want to know what the baby will look like. Being that we have exhausted our bank account on state of the art baby prediction technology, we felt it was our duty to bring you a picture of what the baby may or may not look like. We inserted two pictures into the baby prediction machine. It started to shake and spit out some smoke before giving us the image above.

"That baby is chewing tobacco. What the heck is going on here?" said Riley Peters a retired phone book collector.

Another person weighed in:

"That baby is a spitting image of both of them and it already has teeth! They won't be going through the teething stage." Vic Mittens a proud parent of two craw fish.

Rumors are also spreading about Swisher staying home to take care of the baby, since he currently doesn't have a job.

"You can't give babies tobacco. What are we in the South?" added Riley Peters who just blurted that statement out.

It is unclear if this picture will be an accurate depiction of their baby, but we can all agree that it may or may not be.