Stupid laws and politicians and "The hunt for next October"

The first person I wish to talk about is Bob Costas. A younger version of Dick Clark (to look at) with one of those NBC perfect voices that has little treble and doesn't rise to annoying when he has to raise his volume (in the line of Vin Scully, Curt Gowdy, et al.), Costas showed America his inner child by telling us he keeps a Mickey Mantle card in his wallet. I had six of them, but gave one to another die-hard Mickey fan at his wedding. Bob even was well spoken at Mickey's funeral, either painstakingly writing a well balanced eulogy or using good writers.

Born in Queens, NY, he grew up and graduated HS from Suffolk Co. on Long island. Then he graduated from ... correction ... he dropped out of Syracuse U.(majoring in journalism and rhetorical studies). Wait! Wasn't that what Gwen Pierson and her boyfriend at the end, Van Wilder, studied too?

Bob lives in St. Louis, so maybe his latest rhetorical study subject (gun control) is just to please the Lutherans?

When he first broached the gun control subject on Dec. 2nd, 2012, it was prior to the Connecticut tragedy, and it was about a guy who apparently committed murder/suicide.

Costas claimed (quite narrowly) that neither of those people would be dead had there been no gun. (No? Did that stop Lizzie Borden?)

Bob also was caught for his Olympic coverage where he made an "Idi Amin" comment during the intro of the Ugandan National team. (Idi Amin had been dead for 9+ years.) Jingoism should be beneath Bob.

Now, (Bob's?) gun confiscation idea can apply to the NFL too! WHAT? All those gunshots fired around the league to signify end of quarter/half/game must go. But those are blank guns - no one ever died from a "blank" gunshot, right? WRONG! Actor John Eric Hexum died from exactly THAT, ending a budding career in 1984. (For believers in Karma, six people were given donated organs from JEH, three dying and two in need of eyesight.) The cause of death for John was accidental suicide by gunfire (blank gun fire).

(I have seen plenty in NYC, from Dyker Beach to Luna Park - From Times Sq. to Ridgewood Queens, and of course, the Bronx. If your ass is on the line and police expected in (say) 7 minutes, and you have a gun of your own for protection, do you use it and deal with the follow up or become a statistic and let your loved ones anguish over the perp whose lawyer PB's it down to 12-18 months at Rikers?)

I'll end this segment by saying Bob ought to finish his college studies, or stop commenting on things about which he knows nothing, ESPECIALLY hot button subjects.

Okay. Next "New Yorker", hizzoner. The almighty ... correction ... the Alcalde has a problem figuring out how to join the race for President. He thinks the job is "Emperor". What's going to happen when restaurant owners find out that sports teams all get a pass on that STUPID "no drinks over 16 Oz. law"? Laws have no affect against the real power in this world -corporate power! Besides, any large 32 oz drink I ever got at fast food place really only has 16 oz of drink, the rest is ice! Soft drinks are the BIGGEST profit margins that every seller makes, in comparison to the food.

Yanks have dabbled into the on-the-cheap replacement for Andruuw Jones, who is off to Japan.

Yanks claim 6' 2" 220 Russ Canzler (LF-1B-DH) He was bought by Cleve and waived twice!.

A righty hitter with a large frame, the team hopes to mold this kid into a potential hitting platoon master.

If the Yankees continue to nickel and dime their way to another WS championship, that miracle would rival that of the 69 Mets!

But pitching truly is the key to that, especially with umpires now expanding the outside corners to annoying degrees!


Gary Sanchez will get a look-see in February. Here are his lifetime stats, from