Santa not happy to be upstaged by Derek Jeter

December is the month where Santa shines. Kids and the young at heart are very excited for Christmas and hope that Santa will bring them what they asked for. So why is one Santa grumpy?

Meet Boswald Adams a seasonal Santa Claus from Utica NY. When he isn't eating jelly buns and tomato pie, Boswald can be seen drinking many Utica Club Beers and eating halfmoon cakes.

"This is my time. I worked hard to increase my cholesterol and belly size to be Santa and ain't no one is going to take that away from me." he added.

After multiple requests from the doctor to eat healthier, Adams wasn't having any of it. It wasn't until yesterday that Adams got really upset.

"Who is more popular than Santa in December? Nobody!" he added

That is until Mr. Derek Jeter stepped on the scene for his charity Turn 2 to spread some Christmas joy.

"Why should I get overlooked when he walks in the room. I am freaking Santa freaking Claus for god sakes. I bring your freaking toys and listen to your kids scream in my ear. It is my day, MY DAY!."

Adams has since been removed from being Santa due to some anger management issues. As for Christmas, it will still happen without him.

As for Jeter's thought on the Yankees.

“Who knows who’s going to be on our team next year?” Jeter said. “I stopped paying attention to all the rumors in the offseason a long time ago. I’ve said this before, but I check the name tags when I get to spring training to see who we have.”