A Rod spotted on a boat with his girlfriend. Pictures Pictures Pictures

We are still looking into the authenticity, but we believe we have a picture of Alex Rodriguez and his girlfriend on an expensive yacht. The picture clearly shows them having a blast as they cut through the water.

We don't quite know who the guy in the background is, but we do know he looks really cool smoking a cigarette.

"It goes to show you how much money Alex has." said barnacle enthusiast Harold Clams. "It looks like an extremely expensive piece of equipment. One time I got a barnacle stuck down my pants. It was there for a week. I don't know why I'm telling you this, but I thought you should know."

We talked to the paparazzi Durk Yothers who got the photo.

"Yea, I spent three hours in the sun. Got 3rd degree burns on my face, but was happy I could snap the photo." he said as he later revealed that he is a complete loser with no life.

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We will have to wait and see.