A-Rod: I will be on the field and not going anywhere.

Will Alex Rodriguez be on the Yankees in 2013? Will he be a circus act for another year?

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl? Will you if be checking out. Can Flacco do it? Will Kaepernick run all over the Ravens? These and many more questions need to be answered soon.

Arod has been denying use of PEDs and appears to be fighting the media. He told the Yankees that he isn't going anywhere. Do you believe him? Do you think another team will pick him up if he leaves the Yankees?

In other news, A-Rod is renting out his $38 million mansion in Miami. The Yankees' slugger's nearly 20,000-square-foot home was taken off the market in mid-January and is reportedly being rented out for more than $125,000 per month. The property overlooks Miami's Biscayne Bay. Could it be a perfect location to receive PED's by boat?

Who knows?

"I do. I once took a trip to Miami, so I am pretty much an expert on what goes on there." said macaroni and cheese lover Quincy Harpens. "I think he never used PEDs, even when he admitted it back in 2009."

We didn't think that made that much sense, but understand that people are entitled to their own opinions.

This isn't the first you will hear about his mess and more news will evolve. Stay tuned for the latest information right here at Bronx Goblin.