A-Rod, Braun to appear on Cheaters?

The latest list of MLB players taking ped's included 2 familiar faces, Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun (among others)

Both deny claims, or are they just in denial?

Recently, A-Rod and Braun were reported on a cruise together. Witnesses that are probably mistaken say Braun was rubbing tanning lotion on A-Rod's back.

Both are known as ladies men, so what's the deal? Cheating expert Flip Withersbee.

"Often when 2 people cheat they form a bond. Perhaps these men have decided they can't live without each other. Who knows? American's love cheaters. There was a show called Cheaters where a slimey serpant of a man brought cameras around to catch such actions."

American's? Where are you from?

"Well, New Hampshire."