Red Sox sign Mike Napoli even though his hips might not work

The Red Sox were prepared to sign Mike Napoli for $39 million dollars over three years. Then, they found out that his hips might not work and hips are very important when playing baseball.

They are responsible for, well, all movements. To try and play baseball with out them would be like trying to arm wrestle with out hands. Not good.

To get a better perspective of what this means, we talked to resident part-time Doctor, Dr. MT Jones III.

Dr. MT Jones III, what do you think about this injury.

"I think it is Reee-diculous. You take a ball player like Napoli. You put his left hip in, you take the left hip out, you put his left hip in and you shake it all about. You can't do that with out hips. That man has got some problems."

After listening to Dr. MT Jones III, we realized that hips are important. What a bad signing for the Red Sox.