Players excited for new interpreters rule

According to sources, Baseball owners approved a rule change that would allow pitching coaches and managers to bring interpreters to the mound for conferences with foreign-born pitchers that don't speak fluent English.

Apparently there are such highly involved discussions on the mound that pitchers couldn't understand what was going on.

"I told him (the pitcher) to start throwing strikes." One pitching coach who didn't want to be named and may not even be a pitching coach told us. "He couldn't understand me and ended up intentionally walking the next 5 hitters. We lost the stinking game."

"I came out to make a change." A manager said." "I asked for the ball and he didn't understand me. The new pitcher came to the mound and we all stood there like morons. Then the ref called a penalty for too many men on the field. It was ridiculous."

Sources close to the Yankees tell us Hiroki Kuroda is excited for the new rule. A potential translator, Sunshine Ho, is eager for the possibile job.

"I dance 6 nights a week at the Cobra Lounge." She explained. "In a cage. VIP room. Sometimes right there on the bar. Getting this gig would be totally awesome. One trip to the mound and my Twitter following will like, jump real high."

No confirmation as to who or if the Yankees will actually use interpreters.