Photo's from our Bronx Goblin Christmas Office Party and Tips for yours

Everyone knows that Holiday Parties can get very awkward if not approached correctly. Our's may be a little different than yours, seeing that two of our employees are animals, but the same rules come into play.

The Number one rule is to watch your alcohol consumption. At our party in the photo's above, you will notice that Richard the squirrel got tanked and passed out. You will also see that Carl Pigeonson got so drunk, he woke up next to our intern Gretchen Fireschrub. Both of which they will regret in the morning.

Number two, you must avoid awkward conversations at all costs. Most people don't want to converse with the higher-ups while they are drinking. As you can see in the picture of me at my computer, I made it much more comfortable for my staff, by not being social. I am holding a bottle of Hennessy, so I avoid going up to get a drink and making my staff feel awkward. At the same time, you will notice that I am still festive despite my social awkwardness. I wore a Santa hat so people see me and think... "Hey, that's a CEO that can get loose and is having a good time at the party."

The third thing you should be aware of is deciding what time you should leave. Richard had to be put in a cab, so the decision was not up to him. But in the case of Carl Pigeonson, he did make the decision to leave. The mistake he made was, that he left too late and with Gretchen Fireschrub our fuggly intern. Once again, timing came into play. If he left earlier, he wouldn't have been drunk enough to take her home.

I hope you can use one or all of these tips. Good luck with your Holiday Party.