Phish fan reviews the three shows at Madison Square Garden

When it isn't Yankees season, Gordo Williams is following his favorite band Phish, which is in the middle of their stint at Madison Square Garden.

"I am in heaven." said Gordo who sells grilled cheese sandwiches to pay for his tickets. "What you do is take two slices of bread, take your cheese, put the cheese in the middle of the two pieces of bread, and then you toast it."

Gordo hasn't held a steady job in 20 years, citing that following the Yankees and Phish is a full time job.

"It's a commitment, you know? I have seen all of Mariano Rivera's saves and Phish play The Sloth 40 times. You can't do that if you aren't committing yourself. Just cause you fancy suits don't think so, that is your problem."

Gordo also occupied Wall Street for two weeks last year.

"I am a 99%er. That means that I don't make money and I am angry that others do. Why can't they share their money with me?" said Gordo.

At this point of the interview, Gordo started drinking a bottle of Saranac Big Moose Ale.

"Us Phish heads drink this beer and listen to our favorite shows. Did you listen to 7/5/96 show? Killer setlist man. killer setlist. They played a Pink Floyd song backwards and it blew my mind man."

Gordo started smoking cloves, so we were on our way.