Phil Hughes spotted going after girls at Sundance?

The photo above from WireImage shows a Phil Hughes looking like he was on the set of the Big Bang Theory. He wasn't on the set of Big Bang Theory, but big bang couldn't have been on his mind. It is rumored that Phil was flirting with some girls at Sundance.

To get an inaccurate take on it, we talked to a guy who read an article about Sundance online.

His name was Barton Yummings.

"Phil could have been chasing girls around Sundance. I would think he would be giggling like a school girl running after them. My source you ask? Well, I read articles here and there, so my assumptions are based on nonsense

Barton's account should be documented and printed as total fact. What isn't a fact is if Phil will pitch well this year. Could this be his defining moment?

Not the girl chasing... his pitching.