Nick Swisher officially joins non-contending Indians

Well, it is official.

Nick Swisher has joined the Cleveland Indians. Don't worry though, he thanked the Yankee fans so there is no way they will boo him in the Bronx.

"I think Nick will be happy." said alligator foot salesman Marty Heels. "Nick never liked getting hits in the playoffs. It is a good fit because he won't have to worry about getting to the playoffs on the Indian."

As for the Yankees?

Well, most people thought he needed to go.

"All the guy did is cut his hair funky, chew tobacco and frustrate fans in the playoffs. Time to go." said Keith Bronco a frequent subway rider.

The Yankees lost some power this winter as Martin and Swisher both left the team. It doesn't help that A-Rod doesn't know when he will be having surgery either.

This will be interesting.