New Year’s baby named: Yankee Pinstripes Smith

We have seen some ridiculous names come out of New Year’s babies. This year, Hashtag was one of the most popular foolish names that we have heard.... Until now.

We just learned of another new name that takes the cake. Parents and Yankee fans Bobo and Penelope Smith just had a baby and the name might surprise you.

“We named our son Yankee Pinstripes Smith.” Said Bobo a hose repairman. “The name came to me on my way to the hospital. My wife went into labor, so I told her to hurry up and take the subway to the hospital. I was hungry, so I stopped by the bagel place to say hello to my friends and get something to eat.”

As Bobo relaxed for a good 30 minutes, his wife Penelope was on her way to the hospital via public transit.

“After my bagel, I hopped in a cab. I didn’t want to be late. As I rode by billboards of Jeter, the name hit me. ‘Yankee Pinstripes Smith.’ It just sounds awesome.” He added.

When Bobo arrived, his wife had already given birth, but hadn’t named the baby.

“She wanted Tony John as the name, but she was sleeping when I got there. I simply just walked up to the nurse and told her the name. ‘Yankee Pinstripes Smith’ I says. And that was it. When my wife woke up, she wasn’t thrilled to hear the name, but I like it and that is all that matters. And… my kid will never be made fun of with a powerful name like that. “ added Bobo.

This was a story about love, respect, family and bringing a new child into the world. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.