Mo to incorporate Ray Lewis dance in the 9th inning?

In case you live under a rock with no TV or newspapers, Ray Lewis is retiring after the superbowl next week.

As a tribute, Mariano Rivera will be doing a Ray Lewis type dance out of the bullpen this year.

"Makes sense." Said one guy with no clue. "Mo is a big time Ravens fan I would guess, and he worships Ray Lewis. Watched em' play ever since he was a little kid."

Coming off a knee injury, is it wise to do a silly dance when coming out of the bullpen?

"Maybe, maybe not." Said the same guy. "All I know is it would look really cool with Enter Sandman playing. Well that ain't all I know. I also know that vending machines don't take Canadian quarters, and that is annoying."

Do we really want to see Mariano dancing?