Mitt Romney to acquire ARod?

With the Yankees willing to do whatever they can to get out from the contract of Alex Rodriguez, they may have found an unlikely trading partner; Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.

We talked to a guy who has voted twice in his life and as a result, we deemed him a political expert, much like the clowns CNN and other news networks are toting out every 5 minutes.

"Makes absolute perfect sense to me." Said Quentin Willingsford. "They need to unload that contract. No other team in baseball can afford it. Governor Romney can pay it off in his sleep. Presto chang-o, ARod gets traded to the Romney camp."

We had questions. What would a washed up third-baseman do with a guy running for president. Who will the Yankees get in return? Will ARod veto the trade since it really doesn't make any sense at all? Like any political election expert, Willingsford gave a sketchy answer.

"It could go either way at this point. Hurricane Sandy is playing an influence. And so are Hispanic voters between the ages of 31-33. Check the latest poll results."

Election tomorrow. Hot stove league right around the corner.

"Just check the polls."