Merry Christmas from Bronx Goblin!

Twas the night before Christmas in the Yankees clubhouse
Nick Swisher was trying on his brand new blouse
The pinstripes were clean and smelled really great
in hopes 2013 would bring 28

The players were comfy in giant manions
while the fans toiled hard to support these rich bums
and Hank with his smokes and a humdrum Cashman
did nothing of note in the long offseason

When down in LA a signing so posh
the team with Pujols had just landed Josh
Girardi was pissd his squad was too late
with the same Yanks as before that aren't all that great

Another bad ending the fans always fear
since the team got swept out of the playoffs last year
when what to our wondering eyes just came home
a washed up Red Sock with no hair on his dome

With a slow footed step and a temper like puke
why in the hell would they bring the Youke?
but the proud once Bostonian has a ring and it glows
and he called out the Yanks and their postseason woes

now Robbie! now Curtis! now come on Alex!
you suck when it counts so stop flexing your pecks!
for the AL East is ours lets go to the top
and dash the fans dreams with a quick playoff flop

CC is chubby and Tex is no fun
does this team of old geezers have one more great run
Jeter and Mo will both come back strong
both have been Yankees for so so so long

In just 3 short months spring training begins
and the Yankes will start piling up plenty of wins
with stories abound we'll make fun of them all
Bronx Goblin now wishes Merry Christmas to all!