Mayan Brothers predict: World will not end tomorrow

The Mayan calendar expires on 12/21/2012 and many people believe the world is coming to an end. But an aspiring boy band from Southern California, The Mayan Brothers, beg to differ.

"No way man." Said the bad boy of the group, Pepe Mayan. "We got Mayan blood in our veins! And no way the world is ending anytime soon chico."

With The Mayan Brothers set to release their debut CD, 'Incas Stinka' on December 22, some experts say this is why the band is denouncing the apocolypse.

"It's obvious the world will end tomorrow." Said a wild eyed crazy haired guy who doesn't do anything but watch the History Channel. "Aliens are on their way. The Mayan Brothers can disagree, but they would be crazy to do so."

Meanwhile teen girls are just excited about the band.

"OMG!!!!! When Pepe, Filipe, Jose, and Juan....Juan is my favorite!!!!!!!!!! When they sing I cry!!!!"

"Rock on man!" Pepe said again. "If the world ends tomorrow, i'll give all my money to charity."

Will the world end tomorrow? We'll keep you posted.