Mariano will Return!

As if we didn't know, you will be hearing "Enter Sandman" over Yankee Stadium's speakers once again in 2013.

The greatest closer in MLB history will return in 2013 for a final season. Rivera, who will be 43 next month, suffered a season ending injury back in May.

Baseball fans will be able to pay a proper tribute to Mo.

"I friggin love it." Said Tony DeMartianio. "If Mo hadn't been hurt we would have kicked the crap out of the Tigers."

Meanwhile, with Star Wars Episode 7 being announced, a Return of the Closer is a perfect idea. Though he offered no insight at all, DeMartianio continued.

"I could really see Mo kicking the crap out of Darth Vador and Chewbacca. And saving the universe. And the Yankees."

Welcome back Mo.